Mark Shaw

Mark Shaw


The author of 20+ books, Mark Shaw, the former legal analyst for USA Today, CNN, and USA Today, is a California attorney and investigative reporter who has dedicated the past ten years to probing the truth about the JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald assassinations through his three books, Melvin Belli: King of the Courtroom, The Poison Patriarch: How the Betrayals of Joseph P. Kennedy Caused the Assassination of JFK, and his latest, The Reporter Who Knew Too Much.

Mark has written for USA Today, Huffington Post, and the Aspen Daily News, which he co-founded. Mark formally was a host or correspondent for ABC's Good Morning America, and CBS's People and has appeared on the REELZ Channel's program, The Kennedys.



Past Shows:

  • JFK Files / Past Lives

    First Half: Former criminal defense attorney and legal analyst Mark Shaw will discuss President Biden's refusal to release the JFK assassination documents—and how the life, times, and mysterious deaths of Marilyn Monroe and Dorothy Kilgallen connect to that unfortunate decision....More »
  • Death of Marilyn Monroe / Fake Psychics

    First Half: A former criminal defense attorney and legal analyst for CNN, ESPN and USA Today for the Mike Tyson, O.J. Simpson and Kobe Bryant cases, Mark Shaw is an investigative reporter and the author of 25 books. He'll examine the death of Marilyn Monroe 59 years ago on...More »
  • Deaths of Kilgallen & Monroe / Alien & PSI Phenomena

    Mark Shaw compared the mysterious deaths of Dorothy Kilgallen and Marilyn Monroe. Followed by Bruce Olav Solheim on his alien encounters.More »
  • Dorothy Kilgallen Death / Humanity's Alienation

    Mark Shaw shared updates on the suspicious death of Dorothy Kilgallen. Followed by Neale Donald Walsch on humanity's increasing alienation.More »
  • JFK Special XV

    Christopher Fulton, Mark Shaw, Vincent Palamara, and Paul DeBole weighed in on their theories of who was really behind the JFK assassination.More »
  • Kilgallen & JFK/ Miracle Tales

    Mark Shawdiscussed new developments in the mysterious death of Dorothy Kilgallen. Followed by Trapper Jack with stories of miracles and healings.More »
  • JFK Special XIV

    Lamar Waldron, Mark Shaw, Jerome Corsi, Russ Baker, & Paul DeBole weighed-in on their theories of who was really behind the assassination.More »
  • Reporter's Mysterious Death/ Nightmare UFO Encounter

    Mark Shaw discussed the mysterious death of reporter and TV star, Dorothy Kilgallen. Followed by Ron Felber on the 'Mojave Incident' of alien abduction.More »
  • Mysterious Death of Dorothy Kilgallen/ Biblical Prophecy

    Mark Shaw reported on the death of Dorothy Kilgallen, who'd been researching the JFK assassination. Followed by Michael & Peter Dimond on biblical prophecy.More »

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