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Mental Health Challenges / Aliens & Spirituality
Mental Health Challenges / Aliens & Spirituality
First Half: Author, clinical trainer, and psychologist Faust Ruggiero has for over 40 years helped people overcome mental health challenges of all kinds. He argues that depression is not caused by chemical imbalance, and will share methods to process feelings of anger in...


Conflict Zones / Dream Potentials
Conflict Zones / Dream Potentials

First Half: Author and documentary filmmaker Robert Young Pelton is an iconoclast known for his entry into most of the world's conflicts over the last 25 years. He'll discuss current conflicts and how the outcomes will influence the US, as well as the changing structure of global politics.

Second Half: Reiki master Samantha Fey co-hosts two popular podcasts, Psychic Teachers and Enlightened Empaths, which teach listeners how to embrace their innate sensitivity. She'll speak about how dreams can lead to insights, creative bursts, and healing potential, as well as her interest in the work of George Noory's aunt Shafica Karagulla.

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