Deaths of Kilgallen & Monroe / Alien & PSI Phenomena

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Deaths of Kilgallen & Monroe / Alien & PSI Phenomena

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In the first half, investigative reporter Mark Shaw discussed new developments on the mysterious 1965 death of reporter and TV star, Dorothy Kilgallen, and evidence linking her death with that of Marilyn Monroe's. Kilgallen chronicled Marilyn's 1962 death in her newspaper column, and suggested that "the real truth hasn't been told," Shaw recounted. This led him to look at the similarities in the two deaths-- both of them had flawed autopsies, and both were involved with powerful men who became enemies. Monroe was said to be on the verge of exposing her relationships with the Kennedys before her death, while Kilgallen had a book deal in place to reveal truths about the JFK assassination, just before her demise.

The death scenes in the two cases had incongruities, Shaw reported, where it looked like things were staged, and both were said to have died of barbiturate overdose (called a suicide for Monroe, and an accident for Kilgallen). Intertwined with the Kennedys, underworld characters, and government agencies, both deaths were suspicious, he concluded. And like he's done with Dorothy Kilgallen, he is going to pursue getting the Monroe case reopened. Both of these brave women deserve justice, he added. Shaw also compared the incidents to the recent "suicide" of Jeffrey Epstein, as his death occurred just before he was likely to reveal secrets about powerful people. For more, check out a video of Shaw's lecture at the Allen Public Library in Texas.


In the latter half, author and professor of history, Bruce Olav Solheim, shared details of his alien interactions and abductions, as well as his experiences of PSI phenomena. He described encounters with a female Reptilian (illustrated on the cover of his new book), who came to him in a dream state, initially appearing as his mother. She was strangely alluring, he recalled, but also frightening and violent, throwing him up against a wall. He also saw a male Reptilian during a vision. The figure, wearing a hat and trench coat, glared at him with hostility from below Solheim's house.

He has childhood recollections from 1964 of an ET intervening in a kind of "rescue operation" that prevented him from becoming a victim of a neighboring child molester. In 1977, while on a road trip with his friend Ernie, they slept in the car on a forest road in Idaho. Solheim had conscious memories of being paralyzed and seeing strange lights, and later discovered the event was an ET abduction when he underwent a hypnotic regression session with Yvonne Smith. Additionally, he recounted some of his paranormal experiences, including his conversations with an "ancient alien mystic" named Anzar, and the testing of his psychic skills in Chicago, where he was overwhelmed by negative spirit phenomena at the site of the HH Holmes killings.

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