Will Champion

Will Champion


Will Champion learned that in his formative years as a Cape Cod transplant to Roswell, New Mexico, that the UFO tale is real. As a result, Champion became an incurable conspiracy addict, and clearly understood why townspeople in the know still feared government reprisals. Later on, Champion relocated to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and enrolled in The University of New Mexico's Pre-Med Program, then practiced Emergency Medicine as a Paramedic at the largest Private EMS provider in the State, where he soon rose to the level of Operations Supervisor. Upon retirement he took up the study of American Common Law. His oftentimes harrowing excursions into Big Brother's Courtrooms are the main reasons he is uniquely qualified to tell readers and audiences what he's learned as a result about the Government's biggest, dirtiest, and most coveted secrets.



Past Shows:

  • UFOs, ETs & the NWO

    Will Champion discussed UFOs, the NWO, ETs, and a secret space program. Lyn Buchanan revealed how remote viewing saved his life.More »

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