Reporter's Mysterious Death/ Nightmare UFO Encounter

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Reporter's Mysterious Death/ Nightmare UFO Encounter

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In the first half, attorney, legal analyst, and investigative reporter Mark Shaw discussed new developments surrounding the mysterious death of reporter and TV star, Dorothy Kilgallen, who was found dead from an alleged overdose after researching the JFK assassination. In his C2C appearance back in February, he outlined details of the case. Shaw's letter to the Manhattan District Attorney revealing new leads, medical evidence, and overlooked witness testimonies has prompted the DA's office to open an official investigation, more than 50 years after she died, he announced.

At the time of Kilgallen's death in 1965, it was considered a suicide, and no investigation took place, Shaw explained. Among the witnesses Shaw uncovered, was the daughter of one of the household help at Kilgallen's townhouse. She told Shaw that her father (who had discovered Kilgallen's body) had been threatened by authorities if he revealed that her body had been moved, and she was wearing different clothes than when he originally found her. Shaw also spoke about an alleged wiretapped conversation between Kilgallen and Marilyn Monroe, two days before Marilyn's death, in which they purportedly talked about UFOs, and how JFK had secret information about them.


In the latter half, author Ron Felber recalled the 'Mojave Incident' and the alien abduction experience of Steve and Dawn Hess in 1989. The Hesses', who earlier used the aliases of Tom and Elise Gifford in written reports of the incident, encountered nine glowing objects in the sky while camping on an empty stretch of the Mojave Desert. The objects appeared in an "M" formation and seemed to be blinking to each other. Hundreds of orbs began dropping down, and they subsequently saw thousands of pairs of tiny red eyes "piercing the night" and coming toward them, like some kind of invasion.

Steve grabbed his shotgun, but then Dawn heard a telepathic voice telling them not to do anything or they would be killed, so they retreated to the back of the camper. Encounters with various aliens, some strangely illuminated followed, both in the camper and aboard a spaceship (for more details, view show recaps from 2/13/16 and 2/25/15). Felber noted that Dr. William Anixter, the psychiatrist who conducted a hypnotic regression on the Hesses, believed they were sincerely reliving moments that occurred to them, and it was as though a curtain was being pulled back on an alternative universe. These aliens may be our creators, and we could be soon having a reunion with them, Felber remarked.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Catherine Austin Fitts

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