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US Air Force veteran, author, and researcher Daniel Holdings has been researching alternative news narratives for over ten years. In the first half, he discussed how from a biblical paradigm, we are living amid a perfect storm of events that matches up with prophecy. Holdings, who made frequent C2C guest Steve Quayle a character in one of his novels, interviewed the author extensively for his new non-fiction book, Midnight Strikes – Judgment Unleashed. In the work, the two rundown various dire scenarios such as catastrophic earth changes, economic collapse, WWIII, the Mark of the Beast, and the coming of the Antichrist.

Holdings believes we are moving into a total surveillance state, with Internet-enabled tracking and cameras monitoring our every move, and even reading our minds via biometrics. Regarding the coronavirus, he contends that it was a bioweapon that leaked out of a testing lab, and that the fear factor associated with it will crush the global economy. WWIII could hit during the midst of such a financial upheaval, he warned, and it will be a colossal reset of the economy. Further, he continued, we're seeing a tearing down of the veil between the natural and the supernatural, and will be witnessing an increase in demonic and UFO activity.


After experiencing the untimely deaths of several of her friends, Kate Manser's life was changed forever by the reality that you really might die tomorrow. In the latter half, she shared her radical shift in perspective, which led her to quit her job at Google and build a movement to inspire people at every age to really live before they die. Friends of hers that died in their 30s, included a woman in a pedestrian accident, and another from cancer. For a year, she went into a tailspin of extreme "death anxiety," preoccupied with "the unexpected and frightening nature" of her own mortality and those around her.

"The idea of living like you might die tomorrow," she explained, "is a concept that helps us make hay while the sun shines." We know with certainty that we will die one day, but while we're here, we should live life to the fullest. It was the sudden death of her co-worker Dan Fredinburg, who was climbing Mount Everest in 2015 when an avalanche struck that helped her to finally realize this. Dan was living his truth, she said, and was fully aware of the risks when he started climbing the mountain. Manser talked about a list compiled by a hospice worker of people's biggest regrets as they neared death-- and one was that they didn't live a life that felt true to them. As a society, we should look at death as a natural part of life, she added, instead of a taboo topic that we pretend doesn't exist.

News segment guests: Catherine Austin Fitts, John M. Curtis


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