Technical Dowsing / Green Fireballs

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Technical Dowsing / Green Fireballs

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Dr. Paul H. Smith served for seven years in the government's Star Gate remote viewing psychic espionage program and is one of only five Army personnel to be personally trained in coordinate remote viewing; he is also an expert in the ancient secret of technical dowsing. He joined guest host Connie Willis (YouTube Channel) in the first half to discuss the relationship between remote viewing and dowsing. "In dowsing and remote viewing, both, we learn how to leverage what's going on in our subconscious... our subconscious is hooked up to the rest of the universe," he said.

According to Smith, remote viewing and dowsing are the inverse of each other. In remote viewing you know where a target is but don't know what it is, and in technical dowsing you know what the target is but don't know where it is, he explained. When remote viewers find a target they have not necessarily located it, Smith continued, noting how dowsing helps solve this search problem. Smith reported on how he applied a type of technical dowsing using diagrams to help the Coast Guard locate a specific ship with a container of contraband. "The Coast Guard stopped that ship... and they broke into the cargo at the point I had indicated and they found a container of contraband," he revealed.


During the second half of the program, UFO researcher Bruce Maccabee talked about the phenomenon known as "green fireballs," luminous green lights first spotted in the skies over the southwestern United States in 1948 (related Images) "One of the most amazing things about the green fireballs was that they were concentrated over the next two years over the southwestern United States, and they're hardly any reports of green fireballs in other parts of the world," Maccabee said. Security guards at sensitive installations related to atomic energy (Los Alamos, Sandia Laboratories, Fort Hood) were among the first to report on the green fireballs, he added.

According to Maccabee, these green lights are a distinctly different phenomenon from flying saucers, and only lasted for approximately two years. They did not act as typical meteors burning through the atmosphere. The green fireballs appeared to travel from the north descending from very high altitudes to lower altitudes before running parallel to the ground and burning out, he explained. Meteor expert Lincoln LaPaz determined the green lights were not meteors, and calculated their speed at 10 miles per second above the surface of the earth, Maccabee reported, adding the objects made no noise. "They shouldn't exist," he suggested.

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