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Demonic Clearings

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Known as "The Spiritual Warrior," Bill Bean is also an author, lecturer and supernatural expert. He is currently appearing in several episodes of the A Haunting series. Bean started with accounts of his work banishing evil spirits from people and buildings. He described one of his more dramatic exorcisms of a woman from a well-to-do family who was seemingly possessed by the devil. When he arrived at the front door, the woman was standing 20 feet behind her husband and "hissing" at Bean and he recalled that her eyes had "gone all red." After a series of violent physical confrontations and invocations, Bean said he was able to release the demonic forces within the victim and baptize her in a large tub in the bathroom.

Bean discussed a case in Philadelphia from last November. A member of the household captured an image that he "believes to be a demon" as well as a photo of Bean in front of a block wall in the basement where an unearthly groan was heard as he attempted to close what he believed was a portal for evil forces to enter this world (related images). Bean also warned that things like Ouija boards are methods for giving demonic entities to "a legal right" to take over a person or place.

He described a perplexing example of the so-called "Mandela effect" related to Bible verses. One of the most famous passages is Isaiah 11:6, which most remember as "The lion shall lay down with the lamb." Upon checking all versions of his personal bibles (including one that is 150 years old), Bean discovered that the passage actually reads "The wolf shall dwell with the lamb" which he said goes against his memory and that of everyone he knows. He believes that this is evidence of demonic forces making "a mockery" of God and the Bible. Bean also discussed his UFO and abduction experiences, which have occurred throughout his life.


In the last hour, Robert from Arizona called to suggest that Bean’s "Mandela effect" may have been the result of faulty memories or the Church changing passages in the Bible over time. Anne in New Mexico said that demonic influence could be reduced by turning off the TV for most of the day and only watching small amounts of news, as well as trying to "keep everything positive" in life. Donald from Florida recounted his years in prison and an encounter with a "demon" outside his window at night. He could "see its chest rise and fall as it breathed" before he invoked the name of Jesus and it disappeared. Tom in California described a dark incident when he and his wife moved into a home where he "felt a strong presence of evil."

News segment guests: ‪Dr. John Curtis, ‪Peter Davenport,Tim Binnall.

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