Paul H. Smith

Paul H. Smith


Dr. Paul H. Smith (Major, US Army, Ret.) served for seven years in the government's Star Gate remote viewing psychic espionage program at Ft. Meade, MD, and is one of only five Army personnel to be personally trained in coordinate remote viewing (CRV) by Dr. Hal Puthoff and Ingo Swann at SRI-International. Besides being an operational remote viewer, he was the primary author of the military’s CRV training manual, and served as theory instructor for new CRV trainee personnel.

A Desert Storm veteran, Paul retired from the Army in 1996 and founded Remote Viewing Instructional Services, Inc., which offers full-service remote viewing training. He continues to write, teach, consult and lecture in the remote viewing field. Paul has a BA from Brigham Young University, an MS from the National Intelligence University; and a Ph.D. in philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, and consciousness from the University of Texas at Austin.



Past Shows:

  • Remote Viewing Anomalies / Buddy Holly Curse

    Paul H. Smith discussed remote viewing anomalous targets and UFOs. Followed by Susan Masino on the Buddy Holly plane crash, and a possible curse.More »
  • Technical Dowsing / Green Fireballs

    Paul H. Smith discussed remote viewing and Technical Dowsing. Bruce Maccabee reported on the mysterious phenomenon known as "green fireballs."More »
  • Remote Viewing & Dowsing/ Spatial Portals

    Paul H. Smith offered updates on remote viewing. Followed by Wilbur Allen on spatial portals and UFO activity, and an hour of Open Lines.More »
  • Plane Crashes/ Psychic Skills

    In the first half, writer and producer Jack Cashill discussed how various political agendas have corrupted the way airline crashes and accidents are investigated by governments and covered in the media. In the latter half, remote viewing instructor and dowsing practitioner, Paul...More »
  • Time Anomalies

    Host Dave Schrader (email) welcomed paranormal researchers William Birnes and Joel Martin for a discussion on the possibilities of time travel, time slip phenomena, déjà vu, and alternate dimensions. They were joined in the first hour by time-traveling attorney Andrew D. Basiago...More »
  • An Electric Universe

    Comparative mythologist Dave Talbott and physicist Wallace Thornhill (hour 2 only) discussed their theories about the electric universe, and how electric forces have widely affected our solar system, as well as Earth's ancient history. First hour guest, remote viewing...More »
  • Alien Abductions & Synchronicities

    Experts in mysteries of the unknown, including UFOs and synchronicities, Trish and Rob MacGregor, discussed their work researching alien encounters and abductions, which ties into the Bermuda Triangle mystery, as well as planetary empaths who suffer physical symptoms related to...More »
  • Spirit Consultations

    Mark Anthony, the "Psychic Lawyer," a medium who specializes in communication with spirits, made his debut on the show. He sometimes uses his psychic skills on his cases as a criminal defense attorney, and some of his legal clients have sought him out for his psychic edge, he...More »
  • Dowsing & ESP

    Remote Viewing instructor and technical dowsing practitioner Paul H. Smith discussed practical ESP, including how dowsing can be used to find items and make decisions. Interestingly, if people are less invested in a particular outcome, ESP efforts are typically more successful...More »
  • Out-of-Body Travels

    Researcher and author Marilynn Hughes discussed her thousands of out-of-body travels, and the meaning behind these experiences. OBEs can be very transformative, helping people to dispel illusions and see the truth about themselves, God and our life purpose, she said. They can be...More »
  • ESP & Remote Viewing

    Remote viewing instructor and dowsing practitioner Paul Smith discussed how people use ESP skills to their advantage. First hour guest, UFO disclosure advocate Stephen Bassett spoke about the Citizen's Briefing Book.More »
  • Dowsing, Remote Viewing & the Future

    Remote Viewing instructor Paul Smith discussed how dowsing and remote viewing can be used to predict and visit the future. It's as if your consciousness can travel in time, both forward and back, he said. Large scale "deterministic" events in the future can't be changed, he...More »
  • Dowsing & Remote Viewing for Gain

    Remote viewing and dowsing expert Paul Smith discussed ESP techniques, and how people can use them to tap into future outcomes for financial gain. With remote viewing, you know where a target is, but you don't what it is-- dowsing is the reverse, where a person knows what the...More »
  • UFOs and Remote Viewing

    One of the most quoted authors in the field of Ufology, Silicon Valley entrepreneur Jacques F. Vallee discussed his work on UFO phenomena, as well as his interest in remote viewing and parapsychology.More »
  • Dowsing & Remote Viewing

    Remote viewer Paul H. Smith spoke about the interplay between dowsing, remote viewing (RV) and ESP.More »
  • 'Worker in the Light' Special

    Best selling author, William J. Birnes spoke with George about their book Worker in the Light.More »
  • OBE Perceptions

    Author and speaker William Buhlman returned to share the latest observations and developments in out-of-body experience (OBE) research.More »
  • Ghosts & Reincarnation

    Author Jeff Danelek presented his research into ghosts and reincarnation from an objective perspective.More »
  • Remote Viewing & the Paranormal

    Remote viewer Paul Smith spoke about his experiences working in the now disbanded Stargate program. As part of a team, they remote viewed targets at the behest of the intelligence community such as the hostage situation in Lebanon, he said, but were rarely told when they...More »
  • Remote Viewing & Project Star Gate

    Long-time military remote viewer Major Paul Smith (U.S. Army-retired) shared his insider view into how RV works and what went on in the military's psychic espionage program called Star Gate. He wrote his new book Reading the Enemy's Mind, in part to fill-in holes and correct...More »
  • Remote Viewing: Ingo Swann & Paul H. Smith

    Ingo Swann, the father of remote viewing, is internationally known as an advocate and researcher of the exceptional powers of the human mind, and as a leading figure in governmental and scientific projects to investigate and identify the scope of subtle human perceptions. Paul...More »

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