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The Power of Witchcraft/ Open Lines

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Deborah Lipp was initiated into a traditional Gardnerian coven of Witches in 1981, became a Wiccan High Priestess in 1986, and has been teaching Wicca and running in pagan circles ever since. She discussed the power of witchcraft, and the way that power has been employed for good and not-so-good.

Lipp traced the perception of witches as evil to the Inquisition period, when anyone who used magic, even for good purposes, was considered evil and a witch. While Lipp does not personally cast curses, there are other witches who do and the techniques are the same as with other kinds of spell casting, she explained. "Magic is like electricity, you can use it to make your house nice and bright, or you can use it to kill someone in an electric chair," Lipp said. According to Lipp, some curses can be used for good. As an example, she reported on a coven who cursed a serial rapist so he would get caught. She also spoke about bindings which can be used to prevent toxic people from doing further harm to others.

Lipp compared magic to food and spells to recipes, then briefly outlined how one utilizes them to obtain a goal. First, a witch must figure out from where the power is derived, she revealed, noting it can originate from the body, mind, a deity, or spiritual beings. Next, assemble the ingredients that connect to the goal and the subject of the magic, raise power, and use the connection to send that power directly to the target of the magic, she continued. A magic practitioner can use spells to heal, for circumstances where there seems no way to achieve a goal, or as a supplement to other mundane efforts, Lipp disclosed.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Chris phoned in to report on a 2002 sighting of "three bright white lights" in the sky over a cemetery in Moberly, Missouri. The lights were coming in quickly and low, and looked as if they were going to crash until they stopped right above a street, he recalled. According to Chris, the lights were attached to an immense black pyramid-shaped craft about the size of a residential block that hovered in the air at the height of a telephone pole.

Blair in Sedona, Arizona, shared a tale about his 1996 camping trip in the Grand Tetons with a 100-year-old woman, known as the First Lady of UFOs. "She got zapped by a flying saucer in the Pacific Ocean... she said it zapped an energy into her heart that was a fire that burned for weeks on end but the fire was not painful," Blair said. Mary in Snowflake, Arizona, told George she has been under demonic attack for a year and two weeks ago had a very strange episode of sleep paralysis. An entity with long limbs and dark smoke swirling within its body appeared and spoke about death, she revealed. Mary claimed to have cast the entity out of her bedroom by reciting Bible verses.

News segment guests: Mish Shedlock / Peter Davenport

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