Awakening to Good Health/ Secret Atomic Projects

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Awakening to Good Health/ Secret Atomic Projects

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Teacher, speaker, and author Dr. Darrell Wolfe has over 35 years experience in natural medicine. In the first half, he discussed the domino effect of disease and how people have disconnected from who and what they really are. A lot of the population, particularly as they get older, have an accumulation of parasites and fungus, and their healthy bacteria has often been depleted by antibiotics, he cited. Further, refined and processed foods create inflammation and can lead to such ailments as arthritis, Alzheimer's, dementia, colitis, and auto-immune diseases, he suggested.

Most people only experience about 2% joy throughout their day, he noted, because of dysfunctional belief systems they are clinging onto."Every physical problem has an 85% minimal emotional attachment to it," he declared, adding that if you can't process a negative emotion it will be stored in inflamed or diseased tissue. By repeating positive thoughts and beliefs in one's mind, you can reprogram the way you think, he detailed. Wolfe described his deep tissue technique-- pulling fibers apart, which is geared to reduce or eliminate fibroids, scar tissue, and many physical problems such as those located in the knee, neck, or shoulders.


In the latter half, acclaimed nuclear engineer and author, James Mahaffey, recounted forgotten nuclear endeavors throughout history, including how nuclear rocket engines were going to be used to send a team to Mars back in the 1960s. He also detailed recent mishaps like Fukushima, and threats like the "dirty bomb." The materials for a "dirty bomb" are available on the black market, yet the dangers are most pronounced for the people working on it before it explodes, he reported. The explosion and radiation from such a bomb are not likely to be that deadly, he continued, yet the psychology of such an attack could make people want to entirely avoid the location in which it struck for years after.

He detailed possibilities for interstellar travel, and how nuclear science could be a key factor, in tandem with quantum mechanics. Mahaffey also spoke about his interview of an Air Force scientist who worked on Project Mogul (what the military claimed was behind the Roswell incident in 1947). The scientist said he had developed a microphone that could travel in an aerostat (large balloon) up to 40,000 ft. in the atmosphere in order to detect atomic tests being conducted in the Soviet Union. The microphone project was code named "Flying Disc," he added.

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