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Metaphysical Messages

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By the age of four, Sloan Bella began articulating her nightly visits by other worldly beings and the spirits of those who had crossed over, and developing her ability to act as a conduit and to speak the different frequencies that exist around us. She joined Richard Syrett to discuss her communications with the Other Side. According to Bella, everyone has intuition but not all can be psychic mediums. "You are born psychic and you are born a medium, those are things that can't be taught," she revealed, noting it is likely a genetic trait.

Bella, who left home at age fourteen, recounted her days on the streets of Toronto, where she became enmeshed in the world of non-traditional working folks who came to her for psychic readings. Gamblers wanted to know if they'd win and other street workers and runaways wanted to know if they'd be safe, she recalled. Bella explained how she herself stayed safe by sensing negative energy within certain people. "I would feel prickly like a wool sweater," she said.

While on the streets, Bella began to receive images of the late rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix. She described it as chatter in her head accompanied by musical notes, and he would come through every time she was about to do something potentially harmful. Bella admitted that she did not know who Hendrix was at the time but became convinced his driving passion was to finish his work. "He was trying to communicate with everybody and anybody who could pick him up so that he could finish his music," she disclosed, noting he was not alone a the moment he died and somebody had taken the new music on which he had been working. Hendrix was not at peace when he died, Bella added.

Vortex Wind Turbine

First hour guests, Derek Grassman and Tom Warzecha from KOHILO Wind, addressed the new technology behind their "Vortex" wind turbine. Traditional industrial wind turbines utilize a horizontally-mounted airfoil to take advantage of laminar flow from direct wind, Grassman explained. The KOHILO Wind Turbine is vertically-oriented and uses a diffuser system that conditions the air flow to direct it to the core of the turbine, he continued, comparing it to a hydro dam which controls flow into the turbine to effectively harness the highest amount of energy. Warzecha pointed out the KOHILO Wind Turbine requires only 2 mph winds to work and only 8 to 10 mph winds to generate a considerable amount of power. Traditional wind turbines actually require energy to keep the blades spinning, he noted.

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