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Plane Crashes/ Psychic Skills

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In the first half, writer and producer Jack Cashill discussed how various political agendas have corrupted the way airline crashes and accidents are investigated by governments and covered in the media. The recent Russian airline crash in Egypt is a particularly unique case, he said, since the primary investigators of the event are the Egyptian government. As such, this third party investigation will make it difficult for the Russian government to manipulate the narrative of what happened to the downed airliner. Despite that, Cashill suggested that the Russians will "do what they want to do" and cited their suspicious handling of the shoot down of the Malaysian airliner MH17 over the Ukraine in 2014.

Cashill connected the MH17 event with TWA flight 800 by noting that both airliners crashed on July 17th and suggested that this may be more than mere coincidence. He theorized that perhaps the shoot down intentionally occurred on the anniversary as a way of dissuading US agencies like the NTSB from investigating the event, since it might raise awareness about the suspicious nature of the TWA crash investigation. Looking at another case of government officials possibly attempting to manipulate the perception of an airline disaster, Cashill pointed to the crash of American Airlines Flight 587 off of Long Island in November of 2001 and the immediate declaration by Secretary of State Colin Powell that the event was an accident and not terrorism. In this instance, Cashill surmised that Powell's swift dismissal of terrorism was to avoid panicking the public in the wake of 9/11.


In the latter half, remote viewing instructor and dowsing practitioner, Paul Smith, shared insights into the nature of psychic skills and recounted remarkable stories of seeing these abilities in action. He argued that the term 'remote viewing' is a misnomer, because the ability actually harnesses all of the human senses and not just sight. "You smell, see, taste, hear, touch the information that is coming in," Smith explained about what occurs during a remote viewing session. The experience can be so powerful and illuminating, he said, that a remote viewer can actually perceive things about a target location that they would be unable to know even if they were physically there.

Among the many amazing stories told by Smith during his appearance was the tale of a particularly skilled remote viewing student who "scared the snot out of me." Tasked with viewing the headquarters of "an alphabet agency," the student proceeded to describe what was happening inside the building with breathtaking detail. "She was producing data that was so sufficiently accurate that it would have gotten us in trouble if they knew we were doing it," he revealed. On a more lighthearted note, Smith also recounted a recent visit to the home of some friends in Arizona and how he used his dowsing skills to help them locate a box of fourteen teddy bears that had been lost for years.

News segment guests: Peter Davenport, Christian Wilde, & Steve Kates

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