UFOs, ETs & the NWO

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UFOs, ETs & the NWO

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Connie Willis (email) chatted with author Will Champion about the state of our current affairs from a unique perspective involving shocking connections between UFOs, otherworldly beings, and the unelected shadow government behind the New World Order. Champion spoke about growing up in Roswell, New Mexico, where "a whole circle of people... told [him] some stories that just seemed at the time too fantastic to be true and yet they absolutely were." It was in Roswell where Champion met a mortician who confirmed wreckage and small bodies were found in 1947 and brought to the base hospital, where the mortician's girlfriend worked as a nurse. Her description of the bodies matches what we've come to understand are grey aliens, he revealed.

Champion outlined details of a war between the corporate government and the people. The weapon of choice used against the people is codified law, Champion explained, tracing it to the Code of Hammurabi which he suggested may have had extraterrestrial origins. According to Champion, in its ancient past Earth was visited by otherworldly beings who ultimately fathered "a secret society of ruthless merchant bankers and big businessmen totally against humanity and bent on complete world domination." Their goal is to abolish the sovereignty of all nations and establish one centralized New World Order to rule over all, he disclosed.


Remote Viewing & Healing

In the first hour, remote viewing expert Lyn Buchanan talked about his recent brush with death and how his very own controlled remote viewing techniques saved his life. "I have seen [remote healing] happen so many times that it's just undeniable," Buchanan said, noting his belief that it also made the difference for him after suffering a heart attack brought on by a reaction to eye drops. According to Buchanan, remote viewers were alerted of his condition and remotely influenced his body to heal itself. They influence the subconscious mind to get that person to heal himself, he explained. Buchanan also shared how he survived viral encephalitis with zero chance of living through the night thanks in large part to the power of prayer.

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