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TWA Flight 800 / UK Folklore & Creatures

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In the first half, writer and producer Jack Cashill reviewed the details of TWA flight 800, the airplane that crashed off of Long Island, New York in 1996, claiming 230. Cashill disputes official accounts of the crash's cause, which attributed it to an accidental explosion inside the aircraft. Instead, he believes, the plane was downed by "friendly fire," in this case a missile belonging to nearby US Naval forces who mistook TWA 800's takeoff for a terrorist air attack. Between the Navy's unwillingness to admit its error and the Clinton administration's fear that the incident would cost Bill Clinton the upcoming election, Cashill maintained, the cause of the crash was covered up.

Cashill cited a number of people who share his belief that the TWA 800 crash was not caused by an internal explosion. "All the professionals I talk to, no one buys this," he said. Along with Investigative journalist James Sanford, he argued, the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW) concluded that the deadly explosion originated outside of aircraft. Even in their own reports, members of the FBI and CIA, who opened investigations into the crash, acknowledge the accounts of eyewitnesses who described seeing a missile-like object ascend to strike the aircraft, Cashill continued. Finally, according to Cashill, a whistleblower in the Navy was silenced from making his own claims of friendly fire known to investigators and the press.


In the latter half, journalist and researcher of folklore Charles Christian recounted how he came to be interested in the legends of the unusual and paranormal in his native England. As a boy, Christian recalled, he enjoyed listening to spooky stories around a coal fire with his family. By word of mouth as well as through research, he grew up collecting the stories of East Yorkshire, eventually compiling the result as a published book. In particular, he said, he found a given story's place of origin to be especially interesting. Among the early stories that stood out for him were the legend of Old Stinker, a werewolf that reportedly stalked the area. Many stories, in fact, featured wolf themes, including tales of Vikings coming ashore dressed in wolf skins.

In the final hour, David Weatherly, an investigative researcher of the paranormal, joined the show to share additional stories. In one, he told of strange children he sometimes encounters, which he found to be eerie and strange in their behavior and because of their eyes, which are solid black. Weatherly also indicated that the children are sometimes known to spread illness. He indicated that he believes that the children are actually the much older souls depicted in tribal legend that move through portals around the world.

News segment guests: Dr. Peter Breggin, Kevin Randle

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