Ancestral Clearing / Alternative Health Censorship

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Ancestral Clearing / Alternative Health Censorship

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Ancestral clearing facilitator John Newton joined guest host Lisa Garr (email) in the first half of the show to reveal how past experiences from our ancestors can continue to affect us today. According to Newton, the mind tells us what is true but that narrative itself, at least in part, comes from the past. "It can only come from the past, it can only come from what's known, what we've experienced and, of course, what our ancestors, what our DNA expression leads us to believe is true," he said. Newton suggested the nervous system has been hijacked and explained how we must resolve what we carry inside in order to access the internal deeper self that does not suffer.

Our pure self already exists, he continued, noting we must remove what is not serving us in order to connect to the creator consciousness, move into our power, and get freewill back. Ancestral traumas, caused by experiences such as disease, poverty, addiction, and others, create epigenetic attachments in the DNA, Newton reported. "There's not a lot of freedom for the expression of the DNA because of all these epigenomes and so that can affect our experience in every category of life," he said. Newton outlined some "lies" that come from our DNA, including the thought that we are separate from the creator, not worthy, and must earn our way back. He also proposed we are a grand experiment of said creator in order for it to know itself.


Some of the most popular alternative health websites and blogs are now being censored by search engines and social media sites such as Google and Facebook. During the second half of the program, investigative journalist Lynne McTaggart discussed how changes to search algorithms give preference to conventional medicine while censoring information on alternative health modalities. McTaggart pointed out how Google's algorithm, which used to display the most popular wellness websites for a search on alternative health, now shows negative stories and results based on conventional medical approaches.

She suggested the search engine's acceptance of conventional medical treatments such as vaccines as safe, effective, and necessary, ignores the multitude of contrary evidence related to vaccinations. "The goal is money - it's as dirty as that," she suggested. According to McTaggart, Google has significant interest in multiple pharmaceutical companies and is using the information it collects to harvest patients for medical trials and to recommend new medications. "If Google and Facebook know everything about you, they can sell anything to you... and if Google, of course, has become a drug company, then it's pharmaceutical drugs they want to push," she said. McTaggart recommended using search engines that do not track their users.

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