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Strange & Unexplained / Open Lines

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With a life-long interest in the paranormal, combined with his love of broadcasting and technology, Jim Harold receives some of the most strange and eerie stories from listeners to his podcast. He said that these experiences are so compelling because they are "a visceral part of the human experience." Harold began with the story of an antique mirror purchased at an estate sale that apparently contained the spirits of a long-forgotten household and their wish for "one last dance." A ghost investigator later picked up nine separate voices centered around the mirror, one of which said, "we are all demons."

Harold revealed that his show "seems to take on a life of its own, almost as if a hidden hand is involved" because of coincidences and synchronicities that seem to occur with regularity. Another caller to his program related a story of some sort of "blacker than black" entity pushing him down and dragging him across the floor of a rented room. A particularly creepy tale was recounted by a woman who was walking on a beach in Alaska and saw some sort of creature moaning and writhing in the mud. The witness said that the thing "wasn’t quite human, but it almost seemed human" and was coming toward her. She ran away so fast that she actually broke a toe. Harold said that he can never get enough of these accounts and feels "very lucky to do what I do."


During Open Lines, Dave called from his truck in Pennsylvania to tell about an experience with a "dream that we all had at the same time" when he was eight years old. The household was jolted out of bed in the middle of the night by what sounded like a car hitting their home, but when his father went out to check the damage, there was none. Shelley in California told of a house she purchased in which someone had recently died. While remodeling, workers heard footsteps on the roof, and later, a friend said that the bathroom was inexplicably cold. She said that she "would never take a shower in that nice, beautiful bathroom."

Notorious caller J.C. Webster III called George "just a low-down drug dealer" because of his interviews about CBD and the Super Beets ads. Randy in California texted about presidential ghost stories and George recalled that Lincoln had a premonition of his own death when he dreamed of seeing himself in his coffin. Gina Maria called from Washington state and told of a childhood episode where she "floated down the stairs" and scared two other girls who never talked to her again. Doug in New Jersey recalled a neighbor who described a "haunted rowboat" with oars that "jumped around like a couple of fish" whenever he placed them in the bottom of the boat. The last 30 minutes featured an encore presentation of an interview with the late prophet Benjamin Creme.

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, Peter Davenport, Tim Binnall

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