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Environment and Strange Military Encounters

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On Thursday's show, Linda Moulton Howe presented a report on oyster farms in the northeastern U.S. which are reporting that acidic ocean water is dissolving juvenile shells before they can grow to adulthood. Linda’s sources say that this is due to increased CO2 levels in the world’s oceans, which has also contributed to a 95% “bleaching” of the Great Barrier Reef, one of the world’s largest marine ecosystems. She spoke to a marine biologist who warned that," the only way I can imagine sequestering CO2 is actually by not putting it in the atmosphere at all.” More here. Linda then shared her interview with psychiatrist Jim B. Tucker, who is studying children who have apparent memories of past lives. One of the most remarkable was the case of James Leininger, who at the age of two remembered being shot down in a plane in WWII. His memories matched with the account of a pilot who was killed in a crash during the battle of Iwo Jima. Leininger’s description matched the type of aircraft, the name of the carrier he flew from, and the other pilot who was flying the mission. See the full report here.

Next was a bizarre story of possible ancient structures in the Alaskan wilderness. Linda spoke with former Army infantryman Jared Beeler, who told her of a training mission on a glacier near Mt. Denali. Beeler recalled that his training sergeant spoke to him about a "Sphinx, like in Giza” he had seen on a mission in the area. The sergeant said that there were armed men surrounding the statue and that it was about the same size as the famous Egyptian version. Next up was an interview with an anonymous USAF crew chief who claims ongoing experiences with strange phenomena involving UFO sightings and apparent beings. After a close sighting of a UFO near his home, electrical appliances and lights began to turn on and off by themselves. One night he awoke to see a small figure standing near his bed. When he lunged at it, he was hit with a “white ball of light with colors in it” which paralyzed him and knocked him unconscious. He says that the figure he saw matched a reports of a disturbing figure seen by many residents of the town of Varginha, Brazil in 1996.

Before taking calls, George asked Linda about her experiences over the years and what stood out. She said one of the most extraordinary things she witnessed was a glowing orb that moved over a field in England that she and others could only see with night-vision equipment, and that seemed to respond to their shouts for recognition. She mentioned that when the New York Times and other news outlets reported that all the circles had been created by two old men that they had done “no independent research” to confirm this. During call-ins, one listener asked about the accuracy of global warming levels. Linda replied that the rapidity of the temperature rise was unprecedented in history.

Zika Virus and the Death of Prince

First hour guest Dr. Gary Ridenour joined George to discuss the Zika virus and how it is spreading. Ridenour says that there are two species of mosquito in the United States that can carry the virus. The danger to unborn children is already a concern, and Ridenour believes that it may cause neurological damage later in life to adults who contract the disease. People returning from trips to South America are already bringing the virus to the U.S. He outlined a set of recommendations to prevent or decrease the likelihood of being bitten. George brought up the death of rock star Prince and the latest news that he may have died from an overdose of painkillers. Ridenour theorized that the musician may have also been emotionally drained and said "when you give up and get depressed, your immune system shuts down."

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Christian Wilde

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