Gary Ridenour

Gary Ridenour


Gary Ridenour attended Hiram College and was at Woodstock and the Kent State Shootings. He interviewed at numerous medical schools that refused his application because they didn't like people that,"rock the boat." Gary attended medical school in Guadalajara, Mexico and was one of the main characters in the movie, "Bad Medicine," written by a classmate. He ran his own clinic for the poor out of a Catholic Church clinic and sometimes sat and read up on a problem with the patient in the room. Doctor Ridenour did his Internship in Regina, Sakatchewan, and then moved to St. Louis for his residency in Internal Medicine.

Later he set up the Critical Care Fellowship Program and was the first fellow. After training Dr. Ridenour ran the emergency room at St. Louis City Hospital, where he saw a murder a day, a rape a day and two gunshots to the chest a day. In 1975 he set up the first free-standing rape treatment center at City Hospital and was, "Citizen of the Year," in 1980. He decided to go West and arrived in Fallon, Nevada in 1981. During the Reagan years, Naval Air Station Fallon grew into the premier fighter weapon school in the world and boasts of being the home to, Top Gun. Dr. Ridneour has been heavily engaged in the leukemia cluster in Fallon and has co-authored four papers on the subject. He probably is the only citizen in the U.S., who can say he turned an aircraft carrier around toward home and made sure everyone received antiviral medications on the way. His current interest is in educating everyone on the threat of the, "Avian Flu."



Past Shows:

  • Environment and Strange Military Encounters

    Earthfiles investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe presented interviews about oyster die-offs at an alarming rate in the northwestern US; children with past life recall; an alleged large pyramid and "sphinx" about 60 miles west of Mt. Denali in Alaska; and a recent report of...More »
  • The Anomalous Is Natural

    Writer and abduction experiencer Whitley Strieber and professor of religion at Rice University, Jeffrey J. Kripal discussed their most recent work documenting the anomalous and all kinds of "impossible" things, from extra-dimensional beings to teleportation to out-of-body...More »
  • Vaccine Special

    Various experts who have been on the front lines of the fight over vaccination discussed the medical and ethical arguments both for and against the use of vaccination, and the legal and medical implications of mandatory inoculations for all. Appearing in individual half-hour...More »
  • 9-11, UFOs, & Hyper-Militarization

    Ex-prosecutor and civil libertarian, Bill of Rights sentry, and privacy patriot, Lionel, discussed such topics as 9-11, UFOs, the changing role of media, and how the futuristic police force is already here. Living in New York City, the surreal events of 9-11 changed his life, as...More »
  • Financial Inequities/ VA Scandal

    In the first half, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and author David Cay Johnston discussed the great inequality that exists in wealth and income in the United States. In the next five years, because of government policies, "we're going to see much worse conditions for the bottom...More »
  • Exorcisms & Demonology

    With a masters degree in psychology from Penn State, Adam Blai is a Church decreed expert on religious demonology and exorcism in the Pittsburgh diocese. He discussed the state of exorcism, as well as his push to educate people on the current paranormal craze, and the dangers...More »
  • America's Decline

    Author and researcher Larry Kelley joined John B. Wells to discuss scenarios preceding the decline and demise of great civilizations, such as the United States, and how lessons from history can provide solutions needed to reverse the downward trend. In the first hour, Dr....More »
  • Outbreaks/ Psychic Abilities

    In the first half, Dr. Gary Ridenour talked about various disease outbreaks such as Hantavirus, as well as West Nile, and Lyme disease. Hantavirus is spread by the deer mouse, and there's been a recent outbreak at Yosemite National Park from people who stayed in the "signature...More »
  • Unconscious Mind

    Physicist Leonard Mlodinow joined John B. Wells for an eye-opening examination of how the unconscious mind shapes our perception of the world. In the first hour, avian flu expert Gary Ridenour provided an update on the controversial CDC-NIH project which mutated the virus.More »
  • Pandemic: Avian Flu

    Joining John B. Wells, avian flu expert Dr. Gary Ridenour talked about what to expect in the event of a pandemic, how life will change after the outbreak, and what people can do to survive it. First hour guests, nature spirit communicator, Christopher Valentine, along with...More »
  • Flu Special

    George Noory hosted a special edition of C2C with examination and analysis of the recent swine flu outbreak. Dr. Gary Ridenour suggested that this virus could further mutate and become even more dangerous. Appearing in the latter half of the show, Alex Jones and Stephen Quayle...More »
  • Prophecy, UFOs, & Shroud of Turin

    Dr. Biblical prophecy researcher Joye Pugh offered her views of good vs. evil, end times, UFOs, cloning and the Shroud of Turin. Appearing during the first half-hour, Gary Ridenour warned that radical Muslims in Indonesia might be trying to mutate the Avian flu for terrorism...More »
  • RFID & Chip Implants

    Consumer privacy advocate Katherine Albrecht presented an update on RFID and chip implants. Around 300 people have voluntarily had an RFID chip implanted in them, but they could be at an increased risk for cancer, she said.Studies of animals who've been chipped show that up to...More »
  • Avian Flu Pandemic

    Art Bell spoke with practicing internist Dr. Gary Ridenour about why he believes that avian flu represents the greatest health threat to mankind in the history of the world.The current strain of avian flu kills about 60% of the people who contract it in as little as eight hours,...More »

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