Betty & Barney Hill Abduction/ Govt. Secrets

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Betty & Barney Hill Abduction/ Govt. Secrets

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In the first half, researcher and documentary filmmaker Jeff Finn talked about the Betty and Barney Hill abduction, as well as the Exeter UFO encounter, two seminal UFO cases that occurred in New Hampshire in the 1960s. In September of 1961, the Hills were returning from a trip to Canada, when they saw a "pancake-shaped" object hovering above them as they drove in the White Mountains of NH. According to the Hills' testimony, retrieved via hypnosis, the craft followed them to a desolate area, and then alien beings abducted them and brought them aboard their craft. In separate hypnosis sessions, both Betty and Barney recalled the same details about what happened. The beings that the Hills said they encountered were among the first modern descriptions of the 'Grey'-type aliens, Finn noted.

Barney said he felt the alien leader's eyes pressing or pushing into his eyes, and controlling him in a hypnotic fashion. The Exeter case, which took place in 1965, involved a hitchhiker named Norman Muscarello, who alerted police officers after he sighted a large object with pulsating red lights, and the officers observed the object mysteriously hovering themselves. Finn also talked about his research into the death of Jim Morrison of the Doors. Morrison greatly admired the French poet Arthur Rimbaud, who was said to fake his death and start a new life, and this may have served as inspiration for him, he conjectured.


In the latter half, John Greenewald Jr., who runs the The Black Vault, a huge online repository of declassified government documents, discussed UFO files and secrets, and his process for retrieving FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests, which he's been doing for the last 20 years. The government will often claim they have nothing on a particular topic, Greenewald said, but then subsequent to his request, he'll find out that they actually do-- such as when they release files on their own, or another requester will get files.

He compared getting files on the UFO mystery to pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, but "the minute that you think you're actually completing that puzzle, then you realize that you're putting together a piece of an even bigger one," he mused. He pointed toward the contradiction in the US government's official statement that they stopped investigating UFOs in 1969, noting that there are many documents dated beyond that which pertain to the UFO phenomenon but are mostly blacked out. One document he retrieved described the 1976 Iran UFO incident, in which three aerial craft came out of a larger one, and were able to strategically shut down two F4 Phantom jets. Greenewald expressed surprise that this info wasn't blacked out. He is currently trying to obtain reports of the US Navy observing unidentified objects in the water.

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