Jeff Finn

Jeff Finn


Jeff Finn is a writer, director, artist, musician, and mountain bike enthusiast whose work runs the gamut from documentary film to performance art to multimedia collage. Finn is the director, writer, and co-producer of the forthcoming feature-length documentary film, Before the End: Searching for Jim Morrison, and the co-director, writer, and co-producer of the feature documentary, Strange Septembers: The Hill Abduction & The Exeter Encounter. Both films are products of Z-Machine, the Los Angeles-based indie imprint run by Jeff and his wife, Jess Finn. Jeff previously formed and fronted the noise-rock bands, The Frequencies (Los Angeles), and Crushes (Los Angeles/Austin, TX). More recently, he co-created the original animated comedy series, Sunshine Court, and is writing companion oral biographies for Strange Septembers and Before the End as well as his own experimental novel, Death for Beginners, and 9Y, a children’s book.



Past Shows:

  • Betty & Barney Hill Abduction/ Govt. Secrets

    In the first half, researcher and documentary filmmaker Jeff Finn talked about the Betty and Barney Hill abduction, as well as the Exeter UFO encounter, two seminal UFO cases that occurred in New Hampshire in the 1960s. In the latter half, John Greenewald Jr., who runs the...More »

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