Whistleblowers & the Secret Space Program

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Whistleblowers & the Secret Space Program

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Exopolitics pioneer Michael Salla joined Jimmy Church (email) to discuss whistleblowers and the secret space program. "There have been advanced anti-gravity vehicles that have been developed as far back as during the second World War era... many of the UFOs that have been witnessed ever since may not be extraterrestrial in origin," Salla said, suggesting secret government-funded programs were involved in construction of these craft. Whistleblowers have come forward in ever-increasing numbers to reveal what they know about a cover-up of extraterrestrial life and advanced technologies, he added.

Salla spoke about what he learned during his conversation with whistleblower William Tompkins, who helped in the covert distribution of data for U.S. Naval Intelligence during World War II. Tompkins revealed there were two secret space programs in Nazi Germany with underground facilities in Antarctica where antigravity craft utilizing classic saucer and cigar shapes were developed, Salla explained. Tompkins claimed a Reptilian extraterrestrial species consulted on the Nazi's high tech programs, while a Nordic race of aliens assisted the US Navy. Space battle fleets were designed by Tompkins and launched in 1984, Salla noted. Salla also talked about recent disclosure information from Corey Goode, who claims to have worked in several secret space programs.

Aliens & Hybrids

In the first hour, retired professor of history at Temple University and ET researcher David Jacobs revealed the disturbing alien agenda to control humanity. He contends that the aliens' integration plan incorporating ET-human hybrids has kicked into high gear, incidents of alien abductions have accelerated, as well as occurrences of alien involvement in everyday human life. According to Jacobs, the human hybrids produced aboard UFOs are more advanced neurologically than regular humans and able to control us. Abductees are helping teach these hybrids and integrate them into society, he added. "People are probably seeing hybrids walking around somewhere, particularly late at night at 24 hour stores," Jacobs said, noting how the hybrids do not stand out.

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