Communicating with Ancestors & Open Lines

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Communicating with Ancestors  & Open Lines

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George Noory was joined by neo-pagan scholar, author, and practicing witch Raven Grimassi, who discussed witchcraft and his new work exploring the realm of the ancestors and the role of reincarnation in the soul's relationship to ancestral lineage. The ancestors are the people who came before us from the very beginning, and we are the direct descendants in an unbroken line, he explained. According to Grimassi, the ancestral line wants to fulfill a mission and that line is used by the ancestors to draw souls into bodies. The soul which animates us is here to learn through material existence, he continued, noting how the ancestors benefit from inhabiting bodies by allowing their lineage to continue through time unbroken.

Grimassi explained the interactions between ancestors and the living, and how communication with the ancestors can be strengthened through various techniques and ritual practices. Communicating through a shrine can be done by, placing symbols of one's heritage and food offerings on it, lighting candles and incense, and centering oneself, he revealed. "Call down through your blood and ask the ancestors to connect with you, to communicate with you and to be present," he said. You will feel an 'inner-knowing' when connected and will be guided to things without being conscious of it, he added. Grimassi suggested the spiritual messages from the ancestors can redeem us and stressed the importance of living in harmony with the planet. "The ancestors remind us that the Earth is not a resource, that the Earth is a companion and an ally," he disclosed, noting if we do not listen, our planet will one day be barren.


During Open Lines, a trucker named Randy phoned in from the road while driving through Wyoming to share a bizarre encounter he had as a teenager. Randy said he was driving a friend's car late one night when he saw what appeared to be 30 or so children playing in the street. They did not scatter as he approached and instead surrounded the car, he recalled. According to Randy, they were not children but naked grayish-green beings about three feet tall with large black eyes. Randy described how some of these alien creatures attacked his car until he finally sped away to avoid further interaction with them.

Christina, a practitioner of Wicca in Astoria, Oregon, told George about her journey into witchcraft that began with an unusual experience at a Halloween party in Manitou Springs—the witch capital of the world. Christina recounted meeting a man with horns on his head who introduced himself as 'the god.' A group of us sat in the round, smoking marijuana, and were warned not to break the circle, she remembered. Christina said she and her friends left the circle and all had something tragic happen to them because of it. One friend developed brain cancer, a donkey fell on Christina, and the donkey even choked to death, she said.

Josh from St. Louis talked about the time he went searching for the infamous Bubblehead family (a North County family said to have swollen heads the size of pumpkins). After his car had a flat tire Josh admitted to feeling quite frightened to be stuck out in the backcountry, likening his situation to something out of The Hills Have Eyes.

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