Amy Major

Amy Major


Amy Major is a psychic, empath and medium who has helped many people with her abilities to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. She is also a rescue medium specializing in spirit rescue. Her services include psychic, mediumship , healings, and medical intuitive readings. She specializes in home/business spirit clearings, personal spirit clearings and residual energy clearings.



Past Shows:

  • Australian Poltergeist Cases

    Objects thrown by invisible hands, showers of stones that pass through solid walls, inexplicable fires, wall-shaking thumps, and creepy voices from nowhere— all signs of poltergeist activity. Author and paranormal researcher Tony Healy joined Dave Schrader (email) to discuss...More »

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Mental Health Challenges / Aliens & Spirituality
Mental Health Challenges / Aliens & Spirituality
First Half: Author, clinical trainer, and psychologist Faust Ruggiero has for over 40 years helped people overcome mental health challenges of all kinds. He argues that depression is not caused by chemical imbalance, and will share methods to process feelings of anger in...


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