Tony Healy

Tony Healy


Tony Healy has investigated all manner of strange phenomena, both in Australia and overseas, since the mid-1970s.



Past Shows:

  • Australian Poltergeist Cases

    Objects thrown by invisible hands, showers of stones that pass through solid walls, inexplicable fires, wall-shaking thumps, and creepy voices from nowhere— all signs of poltergeist activity. Author and paranormal researcher Tony Healy joined Dave Schrader (email) to discuss...More »

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Conflict Zones / Dream Potentials
Conflict Zones / Dream Potentials
First Half: Author and documentary filmmaker Robert Young Pelton is an iconoclast known for his entry into most of the world's conflicts over the last 25 years. He'll discuss current conflicts and how the outcomes will influence the US, as well as the changing structure of...
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