Contact with Non-Humans / Haunted Port Gamble

Hosted byConnie Willis

Contact with Non-Humans / Haunted Port Gamble

About the show

First Half: Tom Matte sees things we do not. He sees connections and reimagines information and data in ways that would not have made sense to him before. He joins Connie Willis (info) to discuss how he sees and experiences contact from non-human intelligent beings and why he is on a mission to create technology to triangulate these holographic images and messages back to their source.

Second Half: Pete Orbea, known as Paranormal Pete, leads the popular Ghost Walks in the historic town of Port Gamble in Washington state and hosts a popular paranormal YouTube channel. He'll report on hauntings at the Walker Ames House in Port Gamble.

6-10pm PT: Art Bell - Somewhere in Time returns to 5/17/96 when Open Lines featured 'Art's Alien Hotline.'

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