UAP Revelations / Haunting of Ashmore Estates

Hosted byGeorge Knapp

UAP Revelations / Haunting of Ashmore Estates

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First Half: Former intelligence official David Grusch recently discussed new details regarding a modestly-sized recovered UAP that could alter time and space to appear "the size of a football field" when viewed from inside. Long-time researcher and experiencer Whitley Strieber joins George Knapp to discuss this recent story along with a preview of his presentation at Contact In the Desert on May 30-June 3 in Indian Wells, CA, featuring our own George Noory and George Knapp.

Second Half: The Coles County Poor Farm is a home for the homeless - the end of the line for those considered the dregs of society. Stories swirl around Ashmore Estates...stories of ghosts...of demons...of dark entities who attack the unwary. Paranormal researcher Richard Estep reveals how he and a team of dedicated researchers explored the mysteries of the infamous Ashmore Estates and what they uncovered.

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