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New York UFO Sightings / UK Paranormal Hot Spot

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In the first half, retired aerospace analyst, Cheryl Costa joined George Knapp to share UFO cases and information she uncovered while writing the weekly column New York Skies for Syracuse New Times. Not only did she cover modern sightings from recent years, but also incidents going as far back as the 18th century. The earliest known case in New York state was a 1790 account by a Dutch settler near Albany who heard a great roaring sound around sundown. An object, about 100-yards-long, shaped like an uprooted tree on one end, hovered above the ground and was hot and bright. It rose and with the "speed of a galloping horse" disappeared over a hill. The area where it had hovered smelled like burned sulfur and tar for three weeks, the witness reported.

In a case from the 1860s in the Five Points neighborhood in New York City, a woman looked out her window and saw what appeared to be a burning cross in the sky, Costa detailed. It may have been a UFO that was observing a huge warehouse fire happening the same night, with the flames reflected off the craft's sides. She described "New York's state Roswell," a crash in the town of Mattydale in the 1950's, where a couple saw an odd glowing object on the side of the road, and the event was shrouded in military secrecy. Costa also talked about strange UFO activity that accompanied the great Northeast blackout of 1965, with pilots witnessing bright aerial objects near interstate power lines.


The coastal area around the town of Bridlington in England has a deep history of folklore, strange sightings, and mysterious disappearances, and researcher Paul Sinclair is in the middle of it all. In the latter, he outlined how this area is a hotbed of anomalous activity, much like Skinwalker Ranch in the US. There are numerous cryptid sightings in this region, he detailed, such as a "Dogman" that ran alongside a car at 45-50mph, peering through the windows at the passengers. A case from February 2019, involved a paratrooper, who while walking his dogs along the clifftop one late night, was terrified when he shined his flashlight and saw large golfball-sized yellow eyes staring back. Approaching closer, he saw what looked like a giant hyena bearing its teeth while crouched down. Then, the creature stood on two legs, reaching a height of over seven feet, and seemed to be beckoning with its claw.

Sinclair highlighted animal mutilation cases involving livestock that sometimes occurred around the same time that inexplicable aerial objects or intelligent light forms were spotted. He has witnessed and photographed a number of anomalies himself, such as the night he saw underwater lights that possibly indicated a large USO, which was followed by a momentary flash of a "huge red rectangle" that lit up the cliff face. Sinclair believes there's an intelligence that links these events, and it may be deliberately toying with human consciousness. He also spoke about cases of people in the Bridlington area who vanished without a trace under unusual circumstances.

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