Hudson Valley UFO Incidents / Out-of-Body Insights

Hosted byGeorge Noory

Hudson Valley UFO Incidents / Out-of-Body Insights

About the show

First Half: Former Federal agent and UFO investigator Ben Hansen is currently featured in "Shock Doc - Alien Invasion: Hudson Valley" & "Roswell: The Final Verdict" now streaming on Discovery+. He'll discuss the in-depth investigation into an alien epicenter to help residents of the Hudson Valley, NY find explanations for their unearthly and sometimes violent encounters, as well as the latest developments in the Roswell UFO crash.

Second Half: Researcher and author Marilynn Hughes talks about her frequent out-of-body experiences and what they have taught her over the years including insights on angels, reincarnation, karma, extraterrestrials, quantum consciousness, and the afterlife.

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