Fear and Immunity

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Fear and Immunity

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Lisa Garr (email) was joined by cell biologist and lecturer, Dr. Bruce Lipton, a lecturer and internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit. He revealed how fear and stress inhibit the body's immune system response. Lipton described the body as a community of 50 trillion cells working together in harmony. The functions of a human are present in every single cell, he reported. According to Lipton, genes act merely as blueprints and are not the 'contractors' which build the body. "Our minds are contractors that will send an image to the body through our consciousness that shapes the body to conform to the consciousness," he suggested.

Lipton outlined an experiment in which cells are placed in a Petri dish with nutrients. After a short time the cells in the dish move toward the nutrients and assimilate them. When the same experiment is performed with toxins, the cells repel and remain on the other side of the dish away from the toxins. "A cell or a human cannot move toward growth and be in protection at the same time, they are opposite behaviors completely," he explained. It takes an enormous amount of energy to move away from a threat, which is energy the body does not get for growth or immunity, he added.

Stress hormones when released into the body stop all functions not associated from escaping a threat, he continued. From the first moment fear hits, stress hormones are released and begin redirecting the body's energy. This causes blood vessels to constrict pushing blood to extremities in preparation for running, and it immobilizes growth, he revealed. The same system can incapacitate the immune system by experiencing emotional stress associated with watching negative news stories or losing one's job, Lipton acknowledged. "The more fear you throw in, the greater the stress, the more disempowerment we have... the more we shut down the immune system and we invite problems," he said. Once the immune system is impaired by fear and stress the body is more susceptible to an illness, such as COVID-19, he noted.

Open Lines followed in the last hour of the program.

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