Cascadia Volcano Dangers / Life of Edgar Mitchell

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Cascadia Volcano Dangers / Life of Edgar Mitchell

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In the first half, author and researcher Steve Quayle spoke about the dangers of seismic activity and volcanoes along the Cascadia fault lines in the Pacific Northwest (the subject of his new documentary), and how these could rival the risk of the Yellowstone caldera (a supervolcano). "In our film, we interviewed some of the most famous seismologists and volcanologists," and they revealed that Yellowstone's chance of erupting is tiny compared to Cascadia (a region that stretches from British Columbia down to Mount Shasta and includes 12 volcanoes). "The reason that Cascadia has been overlooked for so long," he said, "is because people don't understand the different plate tectonics of subduction."

The concern over a Yellowstone eruption is a diversion from the real threat in the Cascadia region, he commented. Further, volcanic ash dispersed into the atmosphere could bring forth a "plague of darkness" as prophesied in the Bible, he noted. Quayle also spoke about the massive undersea volcano Tamu Massif in the Pacific Ocean, which has a plateau that is similar in appearance to the Face on Mars (view images). He hypothesized that ancient civilizations might have sunk in a massive tidal surge, and we could see their artifacts rising out of the sea, as well as uncovered in desert areas in the near future. These revelations from antiquity, he added, could prove the reality of places like Atlantis, often viewed as myth.


In the latter half, Coast to Coast AM investigative reporter Cheryll Jones presented her interview with William "Bill" Rauscher, an author and longtime friend of the late astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell. Rauscher, a retired Episcopal cleric with an enduring interest in all areas of the paranormal, mystical theology, and parapsychology, penned a biography of Mitchell, whom he knew for 40 years. Mitchell conducted ESP experiments while on the Apollo 14 mission, and had an epiphany when coming back from the moon-- a sense of oneness and cosmic consciousness. "We left Earth as technicians, and returned as humanitarians," Mitchell explained, as from the vantage of space, he saw our planet as "a blue and white jewel" with a "glimpse of divinity."

Mitchell became a visionary, founding the Institute of Noetic Sciences, a center for the study of parapsychology and consciousness. His genius, said Rauscher, was in transferring his mind from an Earth-centered mentality to a transcendental one, while still remaining grounded in practical realities. Rauscher also told Cheryll about some of his other fascinating acquaintances such as the medium Arthur Ford, ufologist J. Allen Hynek, abductee Barney Hill, and paranormalist Uri Geller.

News segment guests: Chuck Coppes, Capt. Kelly Sweeney

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