Solar Flare & EMP Defense / Messages from a Medium

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Solar Flare & EMP Defense / Messages from a Medium

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Don Trumbull is an author and former airline president and director of operations. Following a ten-year mission exploring the vulnerability of US air carriers/supply chains to the catastrophic threat of solar flare/electromagnetic (EM) pulse, in 2019, his work inspired a civilian countermeasure system called the Safe State Project. In the first half, he discussed this project, which involves EM defense for individuals, communities, and emergency services. It's known that massive solar flares or CMEs occur within specific time frames, and we are in the window for the next one (the last was the destructive Carrington Event of 1859). The hardening of the electrical grid doesn't make us impervious to damage, but it protects the integrity of the equipment so it can be re-harnessed, he explained.

Yet, in the case of an EMP attack by terrorists or a nation-state, grid hardening won't protect the electronics that run our society, he warned. We could lose our cars, our food, our water, and our ability to communicate, with society quickly drifting into a 'Mad Max' scenario. Trumbull argued that we have to defend our private technology within communities and states, by shielding off-grid equipment using Faraday cages, and implementing prearranged backup plans to keep resources flowing. For more on the EMP threat, view this Safe States page.


In the latter half, Coast to Coast AM investigative reporter Cheryll Jones presented her in-depth conversation with psychic and spiritual medium Janice Carlson about "soul sensing" and techniques for communicating with departed loved ones. Carlson also shared her optimistic predictions for the new year ahead. 2020, the year of the Metal Rat (based on the Chinese zodiac) appears to be more upbeat than 2019, she forecast, with fewer weather calamities, stocks and the economy continuing to do well, and no wars for the US. Though Australia has been through gravely damaging fires, she said the world would benefit from new eco practices they'll develop in the wake of the disaster.

Carlson also talked about how in 2020, individuals will have a sense of increased personal empowerment, and that space exploration will be connecting more with the concept of ET life behind the scenes. For those seeking communications from the Other Side, people can look for reassuring signs through chakras and intuition, she indicated. Carlson said she'd received spiritual messages from the recently departed author and beloved C2C guest Rosemary Ellen Guiley, who conveyed a friendly sign to George Noory regarding keys. During the last hour, Cheryll and George chatted with callers on a variety of topics.

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, Lauren Weinstein

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