Fall of Russia/ Time Travel Questions

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Fall of Russia/ Time Travel Questions

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Lee Wanta was President Reagan's secret agent who masterminded a creative way to financially take down the economy of the Soviet Union, and negotiated an agreement with Secretary General Mikhail Gorbachev. In the first half of the program, Wanta and filmmaker Lon Gibby (director of a documentary about Wanta) discussed Wanta's work to bring about the fall of the Soviet Union, along with new information presented in the now released documentary about Wanta's life. "Lee was mandated to do some work behind enemy lines to help bring down the Soviet Union," Gibby said. Reagan had Wanta work with China on currency exchanges that would ultimately devalue the Russian ruble and destabilize the economy of the Soviet Union, he added.

Wanta explained how he and his Chinese counterpart used $150 billion in seed money to open bank accounts around with world to trade the ruble on a massive scale, buying the Russian currency at pennies on the dollar. Through a series of clever financial moves Wanta was able to trigger a destabilization of the ruble, which collapsed the Soviet economy, and also allowed him to amass $27.5 trillion. Wanta spoke about how he convinced Gorbachev to step down for $10 billion and his attempt to repatriate several trillion dollars to the United States, as well as his false imprisonment.


In author Richard Todd's Time Tunnel series, he ponders an avalanche of crucial questions like: if you could go back and change history, like stopping Hitler, would you do it, knowing that it might kick off and alter a cascading avalanche of other events? During the latter part of the show, Todd discussed the idea of time travel and if events of the past could be changed, and if they were, what would be the new outcome? Todd explained his approach to the writing of his series, comparing the style to that of late science fiction author Michael Crichton who made the science presented in his stories as believable as possible.

The books explore the relationship between time, space, and gravity, and how they can be used for time travel in order to correct certain inflection points in American History (such as 9-11), he continued. "There are unintended consequences that happen anytime you change something in time, and it's impossible to predict all of the variances in time that will happen... as a result of a change that you make," Todd said. Changing something in the past creates an entirely different timeline, he added. Todd's research suggests it is conceivable to time travel via a wormhole between two black holes. He also described the concept of warping or folding time-space in on itself, which is the mechanism the characters in his books use to travel through time.

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