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Afterlife Revelations / Open Lines

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Paranormal researcher and philosopher Jonathan Zap discussed his work on the afterlife revolution and development of afterlife communications. Zap recounted his first experience communicating with those who had passed on when as a child he had made contact with elders from a group of ancestral Jewish leaders who died during World War II. He spoke about his post-death relationship with a close friend he called Alex. Zap outlined his use of universal ethics when relating to entities that appear to have agency. He suggested parents not shut down relationships between children and their "imaginary friends" unless these relationships seem dysfunctional.

Zap recalled the time Alex withdrew his presence from him for a few hours and the dramatic change in energy he felt without Alex around. He admitted his life is enhanced by relationships with entities but warned these relationships "can be extremely strange and dangerous" depending on the kind of entity with which one is involved. Zap spoke about the creation of tulpas (mind-made bodies) and how writers like himself sometimes create literary characters who take on lives of their own. "Many fiction writers have had the experience that they develop agency and will do unexpected things that might be quite inconvenient to where you wanted the arc of the story to go," he said. Zap also shared a premonitory deja vu experience he had about seeing the shocking news about Iran which had not yet happened. He explained how one might not be seeing predetermined events but rather extrapolated projections based on probabilities (Related Link).


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Diane from Washington told George about the time she was working a crossword puzzle in her deceased mom's room and asked if her mother could see her. According to Diane, when she solved the puzzle the letters in the bonus circle areas spelled out "D-I-A-N-E C-U." Marianne in Richmond Hill, Queens in New York City, shared a dream she had about her mother in which she appeared younger and very angry which bothered Marianne. A week later the TV went silent and she heard a voice say, "I love you," which she hoped was her mom reaching out to reassure her. Chris in Clearwater, Florida, talked about his experience with what he called astral lights. "These are little flickers of lights sometimes after my brother was deceased," he said, noting the lights come in different colors and sizes. Chris claimed his family can validate this phenomenon and it is also documented in the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

The final half hour featured a replay from 12/14/16 when William Henry discussed ancient myths, UFOs, angels, and astronaut Edgar Mitchell.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi / Peter Davenport

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