China's Economic Reach / Working Your Own Miracles

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China's Economic Reach / Working Your Own Miracles

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Founder of Tiger Hill Capital, a Hong Kong-based asset management company, Dan Collins, has lived in China for 20 years and been a private investor in mainland China. He revealed how China's unprecedented industrial revolution has created massive wealth and is now the world's preeminent economic power. Collins began the first hour, stating that people who come to the US from China say it's "like going backwards in time," because everything is relatively new, the trains run at 200 miles an hour, and their wireless technology is two generations ahead of us. Collins observed that they have "already surpassed us technologically and economically" and "will be our geopolitical opponent for the next 20 years."

This is "our Sputnik moment," he remarked, since the US has realized it will now be playing catch-up. Data infrastructure in China is designed to collect information from all over the world, he reported, and "every new technology they want, they just go out and take." In the midst of an unprecedented economic boom, Chinese society is "very authoritarian," Collins said, with the top officials in the government controlling almost all of the major business in the country, to the point where these officials are "mostly billionaires." He predicted that if the US tries to stop China from taking Taiwan, America will back down in order to keep a "WWIII"-type scenario from playing out.


Well-known voice of occult and esoteric ideas, and PEN Award-winning historian, Mitch Horowitz discussed ways to work your own miracles and improve your life. Horowitz said that his definition of a "miracle" is "a circumstance that surpasses all expectations." He believes that one way to attract this is through prayer, which can draw "unseen forces" that will aid in your wishes. Some of these forces were personified by ancient societies into gods, he believes. They held sway over and represented certain energies, such as the Greek goddess Aphrodite and the aspect of love, or the Egyptian god Thoth for writing and wisdom. Horowitz suggested that if you "resonate with a deity-- pray to that deity," and this may produce surprising results.

He outlined one of his methods for producing miraculous results, which he called a "10-day challenge," suggesting that listeners draw ten boxes on a sheet of paper and write out what you need or want at the top. Then, while thinking carefully and visualizing the need or want, cross off a box each day. At the end of the ten days, Horowitz said to "watch with exquisite care for what you wished for," meaning that it might take on a form not expected. He also pointed out that one obstacle to success comes from the people in our lives: "You have to be around people who feed you rather than deplete you." He added that "faith is a kind of persistence."

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