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Hidden US Money / Occult Traditions

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Catherine Austin Fitts was the Assistant Secretary of Housing/Federal Housing Commissioner at HUD in the first Bush Administration and the president and founder of Hamilton Securities Group, Inc. In the first half, she revealed the ongoing saga of how the US government is hiding money and keeping secret books, as well as how wages are stagnating, yet the cost of living is rising. She began by warning that we have long been in a period where "essential needs are going up faster than wages," and she believes that this is going to get worse in the near future. She said that the now $21 trillion in unaccounted-for dollars in the national budget began in 1947 with policies of hiding expenditures for sensitive programs, and that this has ballooned significantly as more ways to hide the money have appeared, such as in covert operations throughout the world.

Fitts warned about a financial act that was signed into law by the White House in 2018 (called FASAB 56), which essentially made government departments and their private contractors immune to any oversight or reporting on their finances. She recalled that when she was at HUD, she discovered that the department was losing 11 million dollars a day. When she asked who was overseeing the budget, she was told it was a defense contractor who later refused to reveal any information. She sees this as evidence of a "parallel system" of finance that is run on a double standard where there are those who are above the law, and the rest of us, "who are micromanaged by regulations every day." She concluded that "there is no greater financial addiction on this planet than secrecy."


Futurist, strategist, and researcher, Jason Louv has worked on Buzz Aldrin's international campaign to colonize Mars, Google's artificial intelligence program, and he's also been embedded in the world of spiritual, occult and esoteric traditions. In part two, Louv said that Aldrin told him that the best thing for the human race right now and the United States, in particular, is to travel to Mars, and Louv agrees, remarking that the human race is at its best when we are on an adventure. He described his lifelong quest to get to the heart of spiritual practice, especially the western occult tradition, also known as "magick." Louv described this as a system of beliefs and practices designed to help people be more intelligent and alive human beings.

Louv made a distinction between so-called "white" and "black" magic as the difference between doing things for others and following your true purpose in life as opposed to the short-term, materialistic gains of "darker" practices. He stressed that the main question in the true magician's mind should be "how can I help humanity as a whole?" If used properly, he commented, magick should have the goal of "fully maximizing the experience of being human." Ultimately, he said following this path leads to a place where "divinity meets humanity." Louv also addressed the looming issue of an AI takeover of our infrastructure and cautioned that individuals and society should have plans in place to control the technology as well as provide contingencies for the potential millions who could be out of work as a result.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, John Curtis.

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