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Ghost to Ghost 2019

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As wives, mothers, authors, and ghost hunters, the Haunted Housewives (Theresa Argie and Cathi Weber) are among the world's most unusual paranormal investigators. In the first hour, they described some of their most frightening ghost encounters. Cathi said she has investigated almost every kind of haunting, and when you see it with your own eyes, "you can't not believe." Theresa agreed and added that she shies away from demonic cases since she feels that sometimes this negative energy could (and has) attached itself to her and followed her home. Both believe that there is some sort of afterlife. Cathi suggests that "death is release from the physical body and moving into the next life." Theresa believes that the spirit consists of an energy that does not get destroyed and that perhaps "someday physics will be able to figure it out."

For Ghost to Ghost Open Lines, John called in from Pennsylvania to read his account of the haunted house where he and his family observed such things as lights and shadows dancing on the walls and ceiling at night, and a "small figure dressed in a green felt coat with a hat with a red feather in it." Mark in Florida said he was in his home awhile after his father died and misplaced his glasses. He said that they jumped or flew off the top of the TV, hit his forehead and landed in his hand. He said "thanks, dad" and recalled that the experience was more endearing than scary. First pop-in guest Mr. Lobo said his most memorable Halloween moment was when he found "candy that had the tip of an exacto knife in it." John called in from Florida and told the story of a gas pump handle jumping off the hook at the station at the precise moment when his grandfather had his heart stopped for bypass surgery.

Don from Canada described his over 100-year-old house where he lives alone. People would ask him who the old woman was who kept peering out of the windows. He heard a piano playing upstairs even though there was none in the house. He also said that he was once locked out by the spirit of the old woman. Drew from Texas told a story of seeing a "glowing figure" walking around on a dock late at night during childhood summer camp. He later saw a photo of what looked like an identical apparition from a nearby lake that showed up on the internet, taken by a university scientist. Joshua from California related the story of a house his family bought and refurbished. His father found an old hearing aid that belonged to a man who had died there. It was making a high-pitched sound even though there was no battery installed.

Ouija board expert Karen Dahlman spoke about her work, and said that the board is not inherently evil, but it can be the people who use them that bring negativity a session and therefore have bad experiences. When using the board for divination, Dahlman believes she is "tapping into and communicating with energies beyond myself." Chris in Iowa said he has been possessed by the spirit of a succubus since he was a teenager, and in contrast to the evil reputation of this sort of entity, he claims that it doesn't possess him and make him do horrible things. He said that the spirit has actually helped him and his friends. Spiritual warrior and excorcist Bill Bean told George about some recent exorcisms that he has been performing at the request of clients all over the country, and believes they are "getting more violent."

News segment guests: Jeff Nelken, Michael Shedlock.

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