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Breaking Mind Control/ Open Lines

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Every day, there are many ways in which the public are being mind-controlled and hypnotized by a variety of people and sources. Hypnotism expert Jonathan Royle joined guest host Richard Syrett (Twitter) in the first half to discuss the techniques of mass hypnosis and mind control. Royle grew up in a circus family where his father was a clown and had a fire-eating act as well, and taught his son the clowning arts at an early age. He rebelled against this, and at age 15, he was hypnotizing audiences in a stage act. Based on his (now) years of experience with hypnosis (both onstage and in therapy) Royle said that hypnotism works because it gives people permission to face their fears and problems and gain praise when they overcome these issues. He explained that people "have a security blanket where they went to see a therapist" and therefore "can’t get blamed" for not having taken care of their issues sooner.

Royle delved into what he sees as a world of societal and institutionalized mind control with a discussion of the effects of TV and other media. He said that most media is designed to place people in a "fight or flight" state where they look to authority to provide answers and more importantly, protection from manufactured fears. He also mentioned the issue that media has to entertain as well, but that even music is tainted by messages of negativity that "clouds people’s minds to being able to achieve their full potential." In order to counteract this, Royle suggested "following your gut instincts" and to "independently research things for yourself…never trust just one source."


Open Lines began with Nathan in Ohio, who said "I self-identify as someone who has had a lot of contact experience" but did not want to undergo regressive hypnosis to delve into it. Emily in California said she is "a product of the Nazi Liebensborn program which they brought into this country" for the purposes of creating another "master race" program in the United States. Robert in British Columbia told the story of a camping trip where he observed a dim orange light "shaped like a chromosome" and then heard "the loudest boom" he’d ever heard, which "sounded like hundreds of trees were being broken and crushed."

Responding to Richard’s request for ouija board stories, Jeff in California said his family was trying a session when "there was this weird presence in the room and we all felt compelled to get up and we started circling the coffee table and chanting." Linda in Virginia recalled playing with a board at her friend’s house when she was 16. When she asked who has speaking through the board, it spelled out "Beelzebub." Casey in Kansas said that their family was using the board when it spelled out the family surname and they put it away. The next morning, he claimed that the chairs in the kitchen were "all stacked upside down in a pyramid shape" on top of a table.

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