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Author Rich Martini (YouTube Channel) discussed his afterlife research and information he claims to have obtained by interviewing celebrities and other noteworthy individuals who have passed away. According to Martini, he is able to speak directly to people from the 'flipside' through medium Jennifer Shaffer who, in turn, contacts his deceased friend Luana Anders to help guide those they are seeking to interview.

Martini provided an update on aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart who recently came through at his weekly meeting with Shaffer. His research uncovered Earhart was taken prisoner on the island of Saipan in the Pacific Ocean. Earhart told him she died of dysentery there and what was left of her remains (partial rib cage and an arm) was dug up decades ago by two American soldiers. This bit of information was verified six months after the session, Martini revealed. "You can get new information from somebody no longer on the planet," he said.

Martini recalled speaking with insult comedian Don Rickles who told him he was greeted in the afterlife by friends and fellow entertainers Sammy Davis Jr and Frank Sinatra. Rickles had a message for George Noory: "Tell him there's no room up here," Martina relayed. He spoke about another funny man, comedic actor Garry Shandling, who joked about playing only two holes of golf on the flipside because the tees are so far apart.

Martini described the time former US senator John McCain came through with a message for his daughter, Meghan. McCain said he wanted Meghan to run for governor of Arizona, and described a toy he had given to her as a child for verification, he reported. Martini also recounted requesting the help of afterlife residents John Lennon, Anthony Bourdain, and Steve Jobs to reach Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, who told him he was greeted by former football players who suffered from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE).


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Pamela from Long Beach, California, told George about a intriguing synchronicity that happened while listening to the interview with guest Rich Martini. According to Pamela she was reading the word "bridge" at the same time Martini said it and it happened again with the word "connect." Joe in Monterey suggested souls are at different levels when they return to life. The counsels and guides choose a life for a particular soul so it can grow without being hampered by past lives, he explained.

Tom from the Bronx argued in favor of changing Halloween to the last Saturday in October. He recommended people celebrate the holiday on the month's final Saturday voluntarily apart from it being officially changed by law. "Halloween when it falls during the week, you know, a lot of people with the kids can actually just celebrate it on the weekend," he said. George countered that everyone needs to be onboard with the date of Halloween so people know when to hand out candy.

The final half-hour featured a replay of David Paulides reporting on eerie missing person cases.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein / Peter Davenport / Tim Binnall

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