Vaccination Update / Alien Healing & 'Cowboy Mafia'

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Vaccination Update / Alien Healing & 'Cowboy Mafia'

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An osteopathic medical doctor, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, is board certified in three specialties. In the first half, she spoke about the vaccination controversy, what she believes are inherent dangers in the procedure, and the move by some states to impose mandatory vaccinations of children. California and New York, she reported, have recently passed laws to reduce the number of medical exemptions for childhood vaccinations, whereas in Ohio (Tenpenny's home state) they have backed down from making this change. Conducting extensive research, she has gathered together more than 10,000 articles showing problems associated with vaccines, and concluded "there's no reason for any child to be injected with known carcinogens, more than 150 chemicals, 525 micrograms of mercury...[and] a fully vaccinated child will have received almost 12,000 micrograms of aluminum."

We should stop looking at the anti-vaccination movement as "medical heresy" and start rethinking public health, she remarked. "Are we avoiding infection with these vaccines but causing long term chronic disease that makes these children and adults customers for life of the pharmaceutical industry?" she asked. We can do better than this aging technology, Tenpenny suggested, and the millions of children who have never been vaccinated are among the healthiest. Rather than vaccinations to prevent illness, she recommended that people maintain adequate Vitamin D levels (which can be tested by labs and physicians). Vitamin D can be protective and therapeutic against infections, she said, along with Vitamin A, known to mitigate measles, and Vitamin C, which boosts the immune system.


In the latter half, George Noory introduced Cheryll Jones, C2C's new investigative reporter. As a journalist with a nose for news in stories behind the headlines, Cheryll has worked in multiple markets in various capacities with a curious interest, whether it's hard news, controversies, conspiracies, or the mysterious and unexplained. In her first report, she spoke with Teri Lynge-Kehl, a speaker and MUFON representative, about her alien healing experience. Lynge-Kehl was in constant pain for years after surgery, and then one night she encountered a colorful Reptilian ET about 4 ft. tall at her bedside. The being had dark slanted black eyes, and no mouth, but transmitted thoughts in a male voice. He carried an odd surgical instrument, like a "living biological wand," which he pressed onto her lower abdomen (the source of her pain). The being suddenly vanished, and her pain was gone as well (view related illustrations).

Cheryll's second guest was researcher Ron Pastore, who shared intriguing details about famous outlaws and conspiracy theories of the Wild West. Through facial analysis of historical photos Pastore acquired, he discovered that several well-known 19th-century outlaws seemingly survived longer than reported, such as Billy the Kid and Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid. Along with those three, the Younger Brothers, Ford Brothers, Jesse James, Doc Holliday, and others apparently formed a kind of brotherhood of organized crime-- what he refers to as the "Cowboy Mafia."

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, Dr. Peter Breggin


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Coast to Coast AM is delighted to welcome our new investigative reporter Cheryll Jones, beginning with the 9/26/19 show. She is known for breaking ground as a news anchor and meteorologist for major markets and cutting edge networks, including CNN and The Weather Channel. Her face and voice became familiar to viewers in millions of homes through her prime time broadcasts throughout the US and around the world.

As a journalist with a nose for news in stories behind the headlines, Cheryll has worked in multiple markets in various capacities with a curious interest, whether it’s hard news, controversies, conspiracies, or the mysterious and unexplained. Her accomplished TV broadcasting career covers extensive experience on both sides of the camera. Starting as a weather reporter, Cheryll quickly extended her skills and credentials to include talk show host, writer, producer, field reporter, meteorologist, and network news anchor.

She is uniquely distinguished as the only TV broadcaster to be both a news anchor and accredited meteorologist at the network level. Her career has taken her from her hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee to major markets including Miami, Atlanta, New York, Denver, West Palm Beach, and Kansas City.

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