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Internationally recognized expert in mysterious and paranormal phenomena, Joshua P. Warren is the founder and president of L.E.M.U.R. Paranormal Investigations in Asheville, N.C. He updated his work researching anomalous and mysterious phenomena, beginning with the latest captures of ghostly images on video and night vision equipment. In one sequence, Warren said that ghostly footprints can be seen appearing as if an invisible person is walking. Warren believes that there has been "an uptick in paranormal phenomena" because people are "starting to interact with it and trigger it." He described various devices that he has experimented with, such as the "Miraculous Prayer Board," which he claims can magnify prayers and intentions, which he uses to "project something I want to manifest."

Warren believes that our realm overlaps with another in a way that we can use to control our own destinies and desires. He also said that many concepts in paranormal studies are confirmed by the theories of quantum physics, and that "the brain is not producing consciousness, it is filtering consciousness from elsewhere." Providing a few images, Warren says that he created them as representations of places or concepts with a technique he has developed which turns sound into shapes and patterns. The basis of much of his work, concluded Warren, is that "everything we see is encoded with information" which he and his colleagues are trying to slowly reveal.


Nathan called from Ohio to lead off Open Lines in the second half and revealed that he’d "always had aliens" visiting him for his entire life. He said they came into the house frequently when he was a child. George encouraged him to pursue his dream of becoming an author. Longtime C2C friend Barry from South Carolina reported that he recently called the White House to try and get a pardon for fellow fan "Cornelius" from Louisiana. He said that the operator told him she had already fielded "300 calls" for the same thing that morning. Mimi in Texas recalled her interactions with some of the pioneers of remote viewing such as Ingo Swann and Dr. Hal Puthoff. She believes those who can manifest things from the spiritual realm usually "keep very quiet about it."

"Doc" called in from California to remark that he believes that "the propaganda machine is in full swing in trying to get us not to trust the Russians." George mentioned that he knew a few very nice Russian people in St. Louis. On Twitter, Chelsea asked what the one "life question" George would like answered. He replied, "What was the Big Bang?" Eric in Indiana offered his theory about the disappearance of Atlantis. He believes the ancient island city fell into a cave or "void" and now lies at least a mile below the surface of the sea floor. In the last half hour, in an encore excerpt from August 3, 2012, Peter Sterling described his encounters with angels.

News segment guests: John Curtis, Peter Davenport, Tim Binnall.

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