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Anomalous Creatures / Open Lines

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Paranormal researcher and Bible scholar Jason McClean says he grew up questioning everything and delving into mysteries. He believes that the Bible is "an inherently paranormal book" with evidence within its pages of many mythical creatures, such as Bigfoot and dragons. In the first half, he discussed his personal sighting of what he believes to be a flesh and blood pterodactyl, which he observed when he was a boy while fishing on a creek near Dallas, Texas. McClean heard what he thought was the cry of an "ugly and angry crow." He says the creature passed within 5 feet of him, where he could clearly see a "beaked head" and "flanged tail." He later found that this creature had been reported all over North America and particularly in the Rio Grande Valley.

McClean said that the medieval European concept of dragons, drawn by artists at the time, may have been based on accounts of a deceased example which he said was exhibited in Paris in the 14th century. He also believes that the fossil record matches the descriptions of the creatures as told in the Bible. McClean continued with his idea that UFOs may be angels who "need to take on a physical form in order to interact with us." He added that he knows of at least 400 accounts where apparent UFO abductions were stopped "by traditional Christian techniques" or even a simple conversion to Christianity. McClean wondered why supposed aliens cause so much pain and trauma and offered that this seemed like the behavior of what is traditionally referred to as demons.


Open Lines followed in the in the latter half of the program. Jodie from New York recounted a story she read in the Wall Street Journal about geology buff Nancy Lee Carlson who purchased a bag containing lunar dust at an auction held by the U.S. Marshals Service. Carlson sent the moon dust to NASA to verify its authenticity, and after the space agency discovered it was the sample scooped up by astronaut Neil Armstrong they wanted to keep it. According to Jodie, a judge ruled in favor of Carlson. When she originally bought the lunar dust, Carlson paid $900, and now she's selling it for a couple of million dollars, Jodie revealed.

Wayne in Tacoma, Washington, told George about how he was kept awake at night during an impromptu camping trip by the wild mountain goats living in the Olympic Mountains. "Within about five or ten minutes after getting in the [sleeping] bag... I hear this clomp, clomp, clomp, clomp, stomping all around me," Wayne recalled. A heard of rams trampled about the campsite for the entire night making sure he could get no sleep. Wayne admitted he was exhausted the next day, too sleepy to drive, when he picked up hitchhikers that he believes were angels. "I turned around and waved goodbye — they weren't there," he said.

The final half-hour featured a replay of a classic show from 7/13/09 when abduction investigator Budd Hopkins talked about his life in the field of UFO research.

News segment guests: Howard Bloom / Peter Davenport / Tim Binnall

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