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Dr. Paul Thomas has practiced pediatrics for over 30 years in Portland, Oregon where there is currently a measles outbreak. In the first half, he discussed the outbreak, the debate over childhood vaccines causing autism, as well as his work on overcoming addiction. The measles outbreak, which has mainly affected parts of Washington state, began in January. It is not currently considered a community risk, and Thomas feels it's been overhyped in the press. The death rate from contracting measles is just 1 in 10,000, he calculated, about the same as going under anesthesia. While not minimizing the seriousness of that consequence, he pointed out that people need to compare that risk to the measles vaccine (given as the MMR-- measles, mumps, and rubella). In a Danish study, one in 640 kids got seizures from the MMR, he cited, and in general side effects from the vaccine go under-reported.

Dr. Thomas is not against the use of all vaccines but believes that particular risk factors should be evaluated, such as when there is a family history of autoimmune issues, autism, and developmental delays. "If you've got a robust family history with no problems, you probably can do vaccines rather safely," he commented. Many of the other early childhood vaccines contain aluminum which is a toxic metal for the body, so when the MMR vaccine is added to the mix it can foster inflammation in some cases, he theorized. Regarding the opioid epidemic, he talked about how people become dependent on prescribed painkillers, but often switch over to inexpensive heroin when they can no longer get prescriptions. To reverse overdoses, the nasal spray Narcan is available in some states without a prescription, he noted.


In the latter half, experts in mysteries of the unknown including UFOs, and psychic phenomena, Trish and Rob MacGregor addressed their work on synchronicity and precognition. They have discovered that hunches and feelings could be signs from the universe about what is to come. Synchronicities, Rob explained, can be thought of as meaningful coincidences, while precognition is likely more common than people realize, though they may just get an advance flash of something a few seconds before it happens. Remote viewing and some types of clairvoyance enable a person to step outside of linear time, he added.

Trish detailed cases involving alien abductees who experienced odd synchronicities post-encounter. She also shared a curious synchronicity that occurred when she was expressing condolences in an email to Whitley Strieber about the death of his wife Anne. A loud unexplained booming sound was heard in the MacGregor home, leaving them to wonder if it could have been a communication from Anne on the Other Side. To increase abilities like precognition, Rob recommended meditation, whereby tuning out mental chatter, a person becomes receptive to intuitions and communications from outside oneself.

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