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Cellular Healing / Desert Lore

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In 1991, Sherry Anshara was involved in a car accident, and ended up 15 feet underwater in a Connecticut waterway. There, she left her body and after a near-death experience her life completely changed and she lost everything. Anshara joined George Knapp in the first half to discuss how this NDE helped her develop the "Anshara Method" - a process that she says reveals cellular memories that often hold the root cause of symptoms. She recounted her two other NDEs which affected her deeply and helped her develop a method of healing she calls "cellular healing (view related images)." She believes that "emotions are at the core of every disease on this planet" and even blames injuries on our emotional state, saying that the state of mind lays the path for accidents which harm us.

Anshara contends there "is something in our bodies that is smarter than our brain," and that trapped and unresolved emotions lie at the core of all health problems. She claims to be able to help anyone get to the core of their problems in "10 minutes or less." After the first half hour, Anshara took calls from listeners troubled by chronic health or emotional problems and offered intuitive healing through impressions of the callers’ emotional history. In answer to one caller, she summed up her advice with the question that "life is projection, so what is it you are choosing to project?"


Ken Layne is the writer, editor, and publisher of the Desert Oracle, a field guide to the desert that covers strange tales, singing sand dunes, sagebrush trails, artists and aliens, authors and oddballs, ghost towns and modern legends, and musicians and mystics of the Joshua Tree region in California, as well as the wider southwestern desert. In the second half, he discussed these and other legends that have intrigued both residents of the desert as well as urban folk for centuries. Layne said enjoys the desert because it not filled with "too many trees, and not too many creatures" and since living there "sort of opens something up in your mind."

He described his own dramatic UFO sighting near Lone Pine, California in 2001 when he and his wife first saw a bright light and then an "enormous black shape like a manta ray" moving slowly just above the sagebrush before it shot away at high speed. As for theories about what he saw, Layne prefers late UFO researcher John Keel’s idea of "some unknown natural phenomena that has to do with Earth." Layne also recounted tales of a Bigfoot-type entity that reportedly plagued Edwards Air Force Base throughout the 1970s, and was known locally as "Blue Eyes" for its glowing eyes, as well stories of another strange invisible entity which left footprints of size 15 tennis shoes.

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