Rendlesham UFO Incident

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Rendlesham UFO Incident

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Retired USAF Sgt. James Penniston joined guest host Connie Willis (YouTube Channel) for the entire program to share his remarkable eyewitness account of the December 1980 Rendlesham Forest UFO incident. Penniston has spent the past several years working on a definitive and soon-to-be-released edition about the astonishing occurrence titled The Rendlesham Enigma. "Everything you thought you knew about Rendlesham is probably not right," he asserted.

The incident took place in an area of Rendlesham Forest near the RAF Woodbridge and RAF Bentwaters military bases. Penniston recounted getting the call and heading to check out reported activity in the woods near the east gate at RAF Woodbridge. He described seeing a dome of light over the tree canopy and lights within the forest, which he initially thought was fire from a downed aircraft. Penniston recalled being told by others on sight the object in the woods did not crash, it landed.

"As we got to the tree line it became apparent that it wasn't an aircraft crash; it was mainly a white light inside the woods maybe 15 feet it was inside there, maybe 20 feet," he disclosed. Penniston described a glossy black triangular craft measuring approximately nine feet long by seven feet high from which the light emanated. Upon closer inspection there were globular-like colored lights running through the object (similar to a lava lamp) and it was covered in places with pictorial glyphs which had a rough etched texture, he continued.

According to Penniston, the object was void of typical aircraft parts (flaps, intakes, exhaust, landing gear), and it could not be budged from its location. He claimed to have touched a triangular glyph causing a flash of light from the craft so bright he was temporarily blinded, and somehow caused him see a series of ones and zeros in his mind's eye. "The impression I got [is] it was intelligent," Penniston suggested. Afterwards the object's globular lights began moving once again, it hovered slowly back through the trees, and then upward into the canopy where it disappeared, he added.

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