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From Pro Wrestling to Yoga / Open Lines

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Retired pro-wrestling champion Diamond Dallas Page joined guest host Ian Punnett (Twitter) to discuss his career and how he restored his health through a custom yoga regimen. Page broke into wrestling as a manager in the American Wrestling Association, then signed with World Championship Wrestling where he became a wrestler at the late age of 35. His career took off in 1996 when he was 40 years old, but only two years later he ruptured multiple discs in his back. Spine specialists told him his career was over, and he would require surgery. "I didn't want anybody playing with my back," he said.

Injuries with the spine usually involve multiple surgeries to correct, Page continued, noting wrestler Hulk Hogan has had nine back operations. He recalled the day his wife convinced him to try yoga, something he said he did begrudgingly. "In the first three weeks I was so blown away by how much it was starting to help me," Page revealed. There were, however, frustrating aspects of yoga that forced him to modify the movements. He took standard yoga positions mixed them with rehabilitation techniques and added in old school calisthenics using slow deliberate movements to develop his system. DDP Yoga can help anyone at any level of fitness, he insisted. Page also cautioned against working out too hard.


During Open Lines, Caroline in Davis, California, told Ian about her father who was part of a group of 'barnstorming' wrestlers — non-professionals who traveled from town to town to have wrestling matches with locals in barns. She admitted her father's passion got her interested in wrestling and, in particular, wrestler Gorgeous George, from whom she received a gold bobby pin.

Richard from Bagdad, Kentucky, spoke about his struggle with Parkinson's disease, belief in God's love, and how divine intervention saved him from a terrible auto accident. According to Richard, a torrential rain caused his truck to hydroplane off the highway and strike a tree at 40 miles per hour. He was able to exit the vehicle on his own and found he had no injuries. A person, likely a guardian angel, came up to inform him they had notified police and ambulance services, Richard explained.

A caller named Phyllis recounted the time she worked as a bus driver in Woodinville, Washington, and witnessed something strange going on in the early morning sky. "I could see... sixteen black criss-crossed lines above Bellevue," she said, noting how the chemtrails spread out and descended to where she could feel moisture from them on her face. Phyllis remembered how her eyes and face began to burn so much that she dowsed herself with a bottle of water.

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