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Rock 'n' Roll & the Environment / Open Lines

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Chuck Leavell has pleased the ears of music fans for more than 40 years. His piano and keyboard work have been heard in the music of Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, John Mayer, The Black Crowes, George Harrison, The Allman Brothers Band, and many more. He joined Ian Punnett to discuss his life in rock n' roll and his passion for the environment as a tree farmer and co-founder of The Mother Nature Network, which features environmental news and stories about sustainability. Leavell said that "the evidence has been so clear for so long" that rising temperatures worldwide show that we are heading into an unprecedented era of anomalous and dangerous weather.

Leavell recounted his years playing for many musicians and bands, in particular, the Allman Brothers Band. He recalled that he was genuinely surprised when the band asked him to join them permanently after the death of co-founder Duane Allman in 1971. Soon after, they released the best-selling record Brothers and Sisters, which featured the hits ‘Ramblin’ Man’ and ‘Jessica.’ This all happened when Leavell was, as he recalled "barely 20 years old." Leavell also mentioned that he would soon be touring again with the Rolling Stones (whom he has worked with since 1982) as musical director.


Leavell bowed out after 90 minutes and Open Lines occupied he rest of the program. Robert called from Alaska to discuss his concept of the ‘soul’ as opposed to the ‘spirit.’ From his Native American perspective, he stated that "soul is flesh and bone" while "spirit is put into the soul the first day after it is born." Vaughn called in from Texas to offer his opinion that the "soul is defined as the mind, the emotions, and the will," and that we do not have a spirit until we invite one to take us over. Joe in Canada stated his belief that the spirit leaves the body at death, but comes back into another one, "and that’s called reincarnation."

Frequent caller Annie from Alabama said she is researching scams and wants to get scammed because she is "writing a book about it." Sam in Kentucky shared that he was a big fan of the Allman Brothers and actually named his daughter ‘Jessica’ after their hit song. Dave in California brought up a book called ‘Dark Winter’ that describes a 260-year cycle of solar change, and that we were at the peak of the warmer point in the cycle "several years back." He predicted there'll now be a sharp cooling trend.

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