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Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression / Open Lines

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After ten years of practice as a medical doctor of Stomatology in Europe, Dr. Elena Gabor discovered the amazing benefits of involving our higher levels of awareness/consciousness in healing. She joined Richard Syrett to discuss subconscious mind therapy, hypnotherapy, and past life regression as complementary tools in her medical practice. Gabor described what happens to us immediately after we die, which she has gleaned from patients in her many years of past life regression therapy. They have told her that although the body may die, that "the soul emerges like the phoenix from the ashes" and becomes absorbed in "a golden light."

Gabor said that the soul then undergoes a "life review" with "spirit guides" who help the soul to choose to either merge with the reality of pure consciousness (which some religions call "heaven") or to reincarnate into another body. She warned that people who "have regret in their lives" would not be allowed to reincarnate until the issue is resolved. Gabor also reported that, based on information gained from patients in her practice, that we are always living parallel lives in other universes or realities. Gabor offers courses to teach others past-life and other types of hypnotherapy. She said that even if people don’t believe in or understand her method, they can still use it "in order to rediscover themselves."


During Open Lines, Michael called to request "more preachers who can talk to a mainstream audience" about issues like Dr. Gabor discussed in the first half. Danielle from Texas reported on her multiple near-death experiences and how they made her realize that "there is a spiritual being that watches over us." Kay in Washington State offered her opinion that the feeling of reincarnation could be explained as coming from our "DNA memory." Robert in California described a strange episode where he was "pulled out" of his body and saw "teachers" who gave him guidance at a difficult time in his life.

During the last hour, Tiffany called into describe her dramatic experience and the loss of her home during the Carr fire in August in Northern California. She said she "underestimated this fire," thinking it would be under control quickly. That turned out not to be the case as she and her husband were told to evacuate. The fast-spreading conflagration reduced her home to "rubble" and the only way she knew this was that "the mailbox was still standing." She tearfully noted that the tragedy brought her community closer together. Bob from Texas warned that "spirits can actually take over the electronic systems" in future human-level A.I. systems and would be able to inhabit them as they would a human host.

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