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Alien Vampires / Spiritual Life of Animals

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Timothy Green Beckley has been described as the Hunter Thompson of ufology. In the first half, he discussed his latest work on the nightmarish mystery of alien bloodsuckers and vampires. Generally speaking, he's concluded that UFOs and their occupants mean to do us harm, sometimes seeking our very blood. Rather than extraterrestrials, he suggests that these beings could be what John Keel called "ultraterrestrials." One intriguing theory posits that invisible islands float above the planet and these may be the source of the Fortean rains of blood, meat, and other inexplicable items that occasionally fall from the sky. Another curious theory, Beckley shared, is that the Dracula legend is based on an alien whose spaceship crashed in Romania (a 14th-century painting depicts what looks like a UFO at a church in the town where it's thought Vlad the Impaler was born).

Beckley also recounted the tale of a Red Cross bloodmobile that was allegedly chased by a UFO in Point Pleasant, WV in 1967, around the time of the Mothman sightings. On the Brazilian island of Colares off the Amazon river, a strange series of attacks occurred in 1977. As many as 400 people were injured, he reported, by small flying objects nicknamed 'Chupa-Chupa,' which left burn marks from radiation, and puncture wounds from blood draining. For more, view related images that Beckley sent us.


In the latter half, author and documentarian Elena Mannes talked about animal spirituality and the ability of animals to communicate with humans even in the afterlife, including her now deceased dog, Brio. Early on, Mannes' experience with an animal psychic who accurately described Brio's walks and home life from the dog's point of view, led her on an investigative path to discover more about interspecies communication and the spiritual connections between living beings. Animal communicator Nikki Cuthbertson also joined the conversation, revealing how animals perceive energy rather than words.

Every animal has a different way to communicate, Cuthbertson continued, and they teach us how to access a unified field of love-- that's their real message. With humans, psychic abilities are often suppressed, Mannes noted, but animals are much closer to that level of awareness. The last hour featured Cuthbertson helping callers struggling with issues around their pets, or grieving over their loss.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Andre Eggelletion

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