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George Noory welcomed monster researcher Linda Godfrey, who discussed her investigations into strange creatures (related material), including the Beast of Bray Road and other unknown upright canines. Witnesses have reported seeing a werewolf-type being, standing five to seven feet tall, with pointy ears, and large fangs, along Bray Road in Wisconsin for more than 30 years, Godfrey reported. The creature is often doing something unusual such as holding road kill with its palms up, or staring threateningly at witnesses, she added. If it was an actual wolf, it should have died by now, Godfrey proposed. "Either it is supernaturally long-lived or it's got a breeding population," she said, noting reports of the beast continue to this day.

According to Godfrey, wherever you find sightings of bipedal dogmen you'll also find Bigfoot in the area, UFO activity, and light phenomena. She shared an account of personally witnessing a "sentient" light sphere about the size of basketball along Bray Road. She and two other investigators were in the area working to solve a mystery surrounding disappearing deer carcasses. Trail cam footage shows a misty column appear over a dead deer and when the form vanishes 30 minutes later the deer is also gone, she explained, suggesting a portal may have been involved in the mysterious disappearance. Godfrey pointed out that large canine tracks were found behind where the deer had been. These creatures may be from entirely different worlds and enter into our realm through portals, she speculated.


During Open Lines, callers phoned in with their own strange stories. Sara in Ashland, Oregon, recounted a bizarre experience she had while driving along a winding rural road where a tragic car accident had occurred. According to Sara, as soon as she turned around the bend and spotted skid marks from the accident, an odd dog-like creature ran across the road. The animal was very fast and climbed a very steep embankment in an unnatural way, she recalled. "I was absolutely in shock... this was a type of creature I had never seen before or since," Sara said, noting it looked similar to depictions of the chupacabra.

Jeff from Austin, Texas, told George he was visiting a haunted bar in his city last week and encountered a bartender who admitted seeing a dark shadowy figure wearing a hat and coat when he was six years old. The being just stood there and he did not see the face, Jeff added. Interestingly, Jeff had a similar encounter when he was a boy. "We saw the same thing - this dark shadowy figure, looked like it was wearing a trench coat with a hat," he said. Unlike other reports of the Hat Man, Jeff claimed to have seen the dark figure's facial features. "The face was a skull," he revealed.

The final half hour of the program featured a replay from 1/30/17, featuring celebrated paranormalist Uri Geller.

News segment guests: John Curtis / Peter Davenport

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